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It is no longer enough just to announce that you exist on the Internet, it is important to generate a relationship and offer attrac . with our brand Creating a successful. Content Marketing strategy will allow you to consolidate your audiences. And potential customers through a direct and close relationship. As well as acting as the backbone of the conversion funnel. A Content Marketing strategy improves the image of your brand and web positioning in search engines such as Google. The objective is to captivate, attract and retain a relevant audience with a high probability of becoming a customer. This is possible if you create and develop outstanding, valuable and personalized content that emotionally connects and engages your buyer persona. Content Marketing is a digital marketing strategy focused on attracting potential customers in a natural way and with relevant content that is distributed.

In the different digital channels where the audience is. In this way, a digital content strategy can involve various channels. Such as the website, social networks and an application. As well as different formats that you can develop. Creating videos , images, podcast, among others. According to HubSpot , valuable content has become almost mandatory for those. Brands and companies that seek to achieve more goals. And offer better quality products or services. Its importance is such that 66% of B2B marketers who use blogs generate more leads. And entities that blog receive 55% more visitors to their websites. Learn how to create a successful Content Marketing strategy and generate. In the medium term! Define your brand identity number of digital platforms. There is an important need to maintain an “editorial line” as a brand that provides equal presence.

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Communicated, especially when the Canada phone number center is in the content .  And not in the content. the brand itself. Regardless of the format or broadcast channel. You should always be talking about your brand through your identity. It is important that you or your team have the ability to tell stories that emotionally connect.Wiht audience with valuable content. In addition to developing a coherent and consistent story of our brand. being able to talk about it only by how we communicate. What do you want to communicate and. how do you want to be remembered every time people interact with your content? Start by creating or integrating a style manual defining the tone and style of the brand. Remember that if you offer people interestin valuable .And personalized content through a Content Marketing strategy. You will positively develop the reputation and how your brand is perceived.There Are Various Objectives.

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That you can set for yourself but you must consider. The situation of your brand, are you starting. Are you recognizedFor example. If you are just starting out and building your brand.We recommend that one of your goals be to build brand. Awareness and then increase engagement. Depending on what your brand offers.  A you can aim to educate the market, generate sales, increase customer lifetime value . Among other actions. The second step to plan your strategy correctly is to determine what the key indicator. Remember that what is not measured cannot be controlled. Your KPIs should be easy to measure and interpret. For example, if your goal is to build brand awareness, your KPI might be the number of reactions, followers, visits to your website, or video views.

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If the objective is to increase the interaction with your brand. You should measure. The number of times your publications . If you want to generate leads, measure conversions. Know your buyer person Surely you do not want to attract just any person, but the right one. To strengthen the brand presence in a Content Marketing strategy, it is important to develop a brand story, which implies knowing our ideal client well. Help your buyer person in all their pain and manage to lead them through the sales funnel. Know their habits, needs and problems, this will help you define your ideal client and create a character with identity. The more detailed the characteristics of your potential client, the more accurate actions you can create.


Knowing your buyer persona is essential to map the purchase journey that your potential client makes, the step-by-step process that follows from the moment they find you on the Internet to the final decision to buy. If we want to use content to optimize the sales process, we have to think about generating quality content that helps in the develo .It of each of the stages of the funnel that the person goes through. Select content formats and digital channels Clearly determining the objective of your content strategy will be the first step to also choose the formats and platforms that you will use to achieve them. For example, if your business is a restaurant and your goal is to sell food to people, it will bring you more benefits to use social networks with great B2C potential, such as Instagram and Facebook.

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