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During 2020, reports on SEO strategy have successfully linked their level of importance and impact with business objectives. Of the billion daily searches, 15% are new to Google. While 68% of the time, the user experience starts with an organic online search. Relive our Webinar and learn how to create a successful SEO strategy. Learn about the techniques that will allow you to increase traffic to your website, success stories and statistics that allow you to anticipate trends, optimize work and increase efficiency. Take note! And remember that you can consult about our SEO Positioning Course , where you will not only learn the theory, but you will also carry out a real project for an existing business in the market, which will allow you to know how to present it to a company, manager, directory or client. We know that practice makes perfect.

so we care that throughout the course you put your SEO strategy to the test and meet your business goals.Of the billion daily searches, 15% are new to Google. While 68% of the time, the user experience starts with an organic online search. During 2020, reports on SEO strategies have successfully linked their level of importance and impact with business objectives. Search engine optimization, SEO, allows you to successfully. Understand the way people search and find information on Google. About the services or products offered by your brand and your competition. If you incorporate an SEO strategy in your digital marketing actions, you can quadruple the traffic to your website, boost conversions and sales. We know it’s quite a challenge to keep a website up, generate leads, and increase sales, considering nearly 80% of users don’t pay attention to paid ads in search results, according to Semrush

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Why is it important to create Belgium phone number  implement an SEO strategy? The complete digital marketing actions that. We offer and that we implement with our clients. Have allowed us to conclude how important it is to have an SEO positioning strategy. And measure the results. Among our conclusions and analysis we can state the following: The number one organic result is ten times. More likely to receive a click compared to the number ten result. On average, moving up one position in Google’s organic results. Will have a relative increase in CTR (Click Through Rate) of 30%. This metric indicates the level of relevance that an advertisement ,achieves in front of the user. It measures whether the message generates a real impact. Wthe user decides to click or react to it through a specific action.

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highest click-through rate on Google organically. Pages with a meta description get 5% more clicks than those that don’t. The number one result on Google usually gets 31% of clicks. Search results that are between the number one and three positions in Google get 75% of the clicks. Remember that if you do not measure you cannot control or improve your strategy. Regular digital analysis is essential to anticipate trends, optimize work and increase efficiency. It is important that you know how many visits you receive, how many buy, abandon, among other valuable data. Techniques to quadruple the traffic to your website with an SEO strategy With an SEO strategy you can direct traffic to the website through relevant searches and results, increasing your conversions.

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Remove traffic from the competition, reduce marketing costs and improve the branding (brand perception) of your company. READ MORE How to achieve your business goals with digital  analysis.The most relevant techniques that you must implement to achieve. All these objectives are to work on the content of your website.Delivering quality information to your buyer persona .Maintaining the positive vital signs of your website. And creating a public relations strategy. How to create a successful SEO strategy It is very important to know the needs that the user wants to solve. When they perform a search on Google, this will allow you to create quality and relevant content for your target audience. To start carrying out an SEO positioning strategy, you should consider defining the keywords that will guide your plan.

The keywords determine the content of the website and reveal different moments of the purchase cycle. Remember that purchase intent is more important than search volume. According to Think With Google , 46% of all Google searches are local. 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale in less than a day. While 78% of local mobile searches end in offline purchases. Finally, 71% of the people surveyed stated that they searched for and confirmed .The location of a business before going there for the first time. Here are five steps you must follow to create. Your SEO positioning strategy successfully: Identify needs and objectives Do you want to position a specific website? Are you looking to position a specific product category?

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