The Difference That Can Be Seen is if There is an

The results of the serp consist of organic as well as paid searches.

The difference that can be seen is if there is an icon that reads paid ads, advertisements, etc. Which shows that the results displayed in the search are the results of website owners who pay for search engines like google.

As for organic search results that are displayed without any advertising signs such as results on paid searches.



What is the importance of serp for seo?



serp is the main reason for all seo practices that have been implemented so that an optimized website is in the serp with the hope of being in the top position of organic search results.

So simply, seo is a free way to make your website appear in the serps.

Serp also benefits websites that have many pages so that one or more of their pages can appear in searches.

Most people click on the search results on the first page of the serp and hardly many do a search on the second page.

So, the role of the serp is very important as the end result of seo optimization efforts carried out in order to aim at attracting as much traffic as possible and as a Greece Phone Number result deliver to the destination of


purchasing products on the website you have.


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How a website appears in the serp


serp consists of paid advertising, organic results and serp features. Here’s the full explanation

1. Paid ads
when you use paid advertising, your website will appear in

the serps marked with an icon that shows the search is an advertisement result (sign: ad or advertisement).

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