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Snackable content is versatile and has many online applications, from websites to social media. It can easily be created, with a stack of free and paid tools including Canva, Adobe Spark, and Pablo by Buffer available.

Effective snackable content strikes a balance between compelling visuals or graphical elements and smart word choice. When it comes to the latter, keep it catchy but not sensationalist, as readers today are wizened to click-baity headlines. You should also try to ensure that your snackable content retains a subtle form of branding whenever possible, even if it’s just a hashtag.

Popular types of snackable content include:

Quotes from influential people or excerpts from interviews and articles are one of the most straightforward types of snackable content. When posting quotes, it’s a good idea to tag the person being quoted (if they are on the social media platform you are posting to). You never know your luck – you might even earn a repost.

Animated gifs have become part of our online vernacular. Gifs are a simple and effective way to capture people’s attention with movement and work particularly well for product or event teasers. But when it comes to utilising gifs as a brand, try to keep the dancing animals to a minimum – unless they directly relate to your core business.

3. Memes

It is the era of the meme and thank goodness. Memes have helped us laugh our way through many events in recent times and used correctly, can Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List have a place in your snackable content strategy. As always, keep it relevant, keep it clean and make sure you know what you’re doing. (There is a growing body count of brands who have failed spectacularly at memes – best not to join them).

4. Infographics

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Infographics can add a bit more meat to your content snack and don’t necessarily need to be boring facts or figures. What they should do, however, is teach people something quickly. Simple ‘how to’ or ‘did you know?’ answers can be remarkably effective.

5. Short-Form Videos

From Instagram stories and reels to TikTok and Facebook Live, short-form videos are a powerful form of social currency. Keep them under 15 seconds for maximum cut-through.

6. Quizzes, Polls, Q&As

Running a short quiz or poll is a fantastic way to boost engagement, while platforms like Instagram have made it possible for brands and influencers to have two-way conversations with followers through Q&As.

Why Re-Purposing Content Feeds Your Snackable Content’s Calendar


To Wrap Up

The most important thing to remember is to keep it short, scannable, and shareable. Make it easy for people to understand and ensure all snackable content is supporting an overarching content and social media strategy.

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