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Our goal is not to be a bicycle manufacturer, but to be a bicycle porter. What we hope is that everyone will take out their bicycles for shared use. Of course, at the beginning, no one may want to do this, so we made a small yellow car, through this kind Cambodia Mobile Number of early investment to educate users, and also increase the number of shared cars. In order to improve the meals, I and a few other students who volunteered to teach bought bicycles and went to the city every weekend to improve the meals. It is about 17 kilometers from the town to the county seat. We have to ride for an hour, and then ride for another two hours to reach Xining. When we got to town, we went to eat KFC.

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When the number of shared cars increases to a very large number, then everyone’s willingness to share will increase. In the long run, we still hope Cambodia Mobile Number that users can take out their cars and share them. This is the biggest difference between us and other competitors. We don’t want to make cars, what we want to do is connect cars. 3. 6 important nodes that affect my entrepreneurship and the development of ofo Below I would like to share with you a few events and moments that had a great impact on my entrepreneurship. The first was September 2012.

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Cambodia phone number list
Cambodia phone number list

I was in my senior year at the time and had already been guaranteed graduate studies. However, without discussing with my parents, I decided to go to Qinghai to teach for a year and continue my postgraduate studies after returning. Although Cambodia Mobile Number my parents were initially against it, they finally agreed with me. So in 2013-14, I went to a town in Qinghai Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to be a middle school math teacher for one year. This year has been very difficult. It is very remote. The lowest temperature in winter is minus 25 degrees and there is no heating. My food cost there is only 3 yuan a day, so I basically eat potatoes with salt every day.

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