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Storytelling) through various media that presents ideas creating experience and the values ​​that can create emotional connections with customers. And the use of social media has become a channel to create. Interactive stories or interact with customers very well in this era. 9. Create a brand identity The next step is to determine Brand Identity that reflects our brand identity. And brand expression That must be meaningful and unique. Indicates the identity and personality of the brand. From the design of the logo, the use of colors, the use of various graphics, images, text, including the design of letterheads, websites, etc.which should be a guideline for easy implementation.

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Transfer Brand Promises to Macedonia Phone Number Customer Experience Design Finally, it is extremely important that we deliver on our brand promises to our people and stakeholders, including our customers. That promise is embodied in a vision, values, and a tangible and realistic purpose. to design the organizational structure related team products or services that should be To create a sense of ownership (Sense of Ownership), building an internal team is of the utmost importance in leading to an effective customer experience design plan. Branding needs to be well established.

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The people in the organization BU Leads must stick to the brand promise and fully understand it. Because every employee will be the one who best conveys everything and shows the identity of the brand. Which organization can create a brand-driven culture? will make the brand even more strong A successful branding strategy also requires effective and consistent communication. The term marketing is a business concept that is based on people or consumers. Symbols that people love and respect (Lovemarks) After we make the brand memorable until trust has been established Ultimately, we need to create a strong brand engagement with our customers.

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