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They will also be willing to interact and contribute to their teams. ¨In Latam Digital Marketing we were born digital and we are still strong now from home¨ We have been working digitally from 7 cou ntries with clients around the world for 6 years, we are ready to help you grow during this crisis while your competition closes. Let ‘s talk about your digital strategy today !implementing the 3 systems and basing ourselves on their results. The latter is the biggest challenge of industry 4.0 how does a customer data platform work LDM + mparticle In LDM , the campaigns.

That are developed based on user experience are thanks to the strategic alliance with mparticle , LDM uses methods and intelligence that comes directly from the CDP vendor in order to have the highest standards of implementation, use, and results. in each campaign. As the report “ The new rules of customer engagement ” shows, the majority of e-commerce users prefer multichannel interaction and on different devices, and 71% use different channels. The importance of omnicality in digital marketing Being aware of this, at LDM, we promote brands so that their content is distributed through different channels and for different devices.

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Their users and take ownership of their Cyprus mobile number marketing. Thanks to this “user experience” strategy, we have managed to increase marketing ROI by up to 300% in different campaigns for different brands, also managing to increase the acquisition of active and potential leads to achieve the objectives of our partners . When to use a CDP? In answer to the question that brought us here: Ya! Now! … And if you do not have the necessary data structure to start the search for a CDP, start by analyzing the opportunities in your company, project or brand, to start a transformation process where you take your brand from carrying.

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Out traditional marketing campaigns (although be digital) to create campaigns based on the user experience. As always, it ‘s up to you !success. If you represent a company that is in the continuous process of being a Data Driven Company or you already are and want to know how to maximize your tools and methodologies, let’s talk! Luckily, you can automate certain customer service processes through bots, either on Facebook or WhatsApp. This will facilitate your processes, since you do not have to hire more people, but you can serve more people.

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To answer the most frequently asked questions and thus filter the requests for attention that reach human employees. With these digital marketing strategies for restaurants  . You can take advantage of the situation and take the leap that your business needs. Do not let your company decline and, better, be part of the e-commerce ecosystem.  They will not only have better performance, but they will also be willing to interact.  And contribute to their teams, but the final decision is up to you. Second.  a good discount can serve as a hook to win over a new customer.

After many months of planning and effort we have a new achievement that we want to share with all of you . We are a Great Place to Work 2020.  This certification positions us not only as the best digital marketing agency to work for. But also within the advertising industry as the best place to work in the region. Culture of all applicants through the experience of collaborators in their get the GPTW 2020 award. Great Place to Work 2020 . What is Great Place to Work? The Great Place to Work ® Institute is a global research.

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