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Under the slogan of “Side by side in the difficult times until the best comes” for the campaigns against COVID-19. McDonald’s Mc Donalds Digital Marketing Strategies for crisis management The well-known brand with the golden arches also joined the awareness campaign against Covid-19, showing the much-talked-about topic of social distancing in order to stop the chain of contagion. What is important to note is how the communication strategy finds in the graphic values, important assets to make a brand impact the consumer. Nike Nike Digital Marketing Strategies If you ever dreamed of playing for millions of people around the world, this is your chance.

Play inside, play for the world. A beautiful message that not only Nike but the brand’s ambassador athletes have been sharing, a great position to set. In the case of the shoe brand, it has carried out an interesting action through its social networks, where it has called on its consumers to stay at home, as a containment measure against the coronavirus. The marketing action in times of crisis has resorted to its social networks and its athletes with whom it has sports sponsorships, as a measure with which it has sought to promote the message of staying at home. LATAM DIGITAL MARKETING Latam Digital Marketing in times of crisis Latam Digital Marketing was born as a 100% digital agency for more than 6 years, the DNA has always been.

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Collaborating remotely from 7 countries. The Croatia phone numbers new logo symbolizes a team that continues to work hard at 120% .  So that clients can navigate the crisis in the best way with an agency that was already adapted to the new world. Recommendations for Trademarks Offer comfort and tranquility through your networks. Evaluate how to do acts of kindness. Take your brand and keep it alive digitally, even when you can’t be there physically. Help people with content that allows them to pass the time. Laughter will always be the best medicine. Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

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There are markets where categories are directly impacted by consumer behavior such as retail, travel, technology, luxury and entertainment. An example of this can be seen in the graph made by Deloitte Consulting. Where you can see how the main sectors of the economy decrease in terms of consumption. And then return to “relative” normality throughout the year. Economy during cov-19 But at the same time, the crisis brings with it opportunities. That is why we present some of them below .E-commerce (going from the physical store to the digital one) In the projections of the growth of e-commerce sales . Have seen how the experts show the significant growth that this sales channel is experiencing.

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All the information of products or services that are order online, regardless of the payment method.  Form of requests, excluding trips and tickets for events. Ecommerce for retail presents its data based on the US economy. Social media crisis management And in these moments that the digital presence becomes even more vital. Strengthen your Omnichannel Marketing strategy . As well as digital. Here we present the effort we made with one of our clients and the benefit for them . Pollo Campero . The future of Pollo Campero goes hand in hand with. Digital strategy, which is why while sales in the market fluctuate.  They continue to position themselves hand in hand.

With Google Ads and Latam Digital Marketing. Delivery All the companies that have this service have strengthen  it even more, since while face-to-face attention has been limited, the delivery service has been the salvation for many. And its demand has increased like never before. In our case, the work with Papa John’s Panama has made its Omnichannel Strategy eloquent.  And focused on ordering through its website or telephone. Sale of pizza online Papa John’s Panama has become the warrior that stays in the fight during COVID. And it is that it has positioned itself as the leader in online pizza sales while other companies have not been able to. Digital Transmission Media.

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