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So, will the specific application appear in the information flow of the circle of friends? Chat screen appears? Like the official account article, users can recommend, and the recipient can open the reference after seeing it? For example, on a whim, you suddenly want to find a fitness coach to help you get in shape and shape, and you happen to Israel Mobile Number see a friend’s recommended coaching app in a circle of friends or a group. Click to open and you can search according to your own needs such as geographical location, characteristics, and price. Even the applet itself is a super official account?

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After the user pays attention, he can chat with the applet, and the user can get the recommendation of the application by entering text or voice. For example, when you use voice or text to input: Book a flight to London this month, what is the cheapest way to fly? WeChat will intelligently recommend the best apps to meet your needs. Even in the Israel Mobile Number era of PC Internet, when people use websites, most of the time it is not directly by entering the URL. Secondly, the passive voice uses a sentence structure which requires more cognitive effort. Your reader will spend valuable working memory on making sense of the sentence. This decreases the likelihood of you getting your message across. They are more willing to search the website name through Baidu or navigate through Website entry.

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Israel phone number
Israel phone number

According to human laziness, the same is true for obtaining applications on WeChat, making it more convenient for users to search directly or obtain through convenient navigation. How to transform from concept to actual product form is definitely a test of people. Looking forward to the amazing solution from the WeChat team. 3. Before the arrival Israel Mobile Number of new entry-level hardware, Mini Programs further strengthened their monopoly, forming a situation of one superpower and many strong ones There was a previous article “What kind of product will defeat WeChat? Talked about several conditions for defeating WeChat, such as changes in hardware entry, generational changes and changes in user habits. These are triggered based on changes at the macro environment level.

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