Your holiday marketing plan

Graph showing how much spending happens on certain dates Some of the biggest ecommerce shopping days of the year. In the United States happen between November and December. You’ll need a plan to tap into this one hundred billion dollar shopping bonanza. Step One: Create a Plan A plan within an ecommerce

You’ll need a plan to tap into this

marketing plan. Meta! Your holiday season marketing plan will differ from other marketing efforts throughout. The year as it’s now or never to meet your end-of-year goals. Your holiday marketing plan should include. Goals: Total revenue, traffic (search, social, paid), bounce rate, Uganda WhatsApp Number List conversion rate, cart abandonment rate. Average order value, etc. Calendar: This should include every important event down to the minute. Website updates, promotions, email campaigns, social media campaigns, advertising campaigns.

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Budget: I recommend, depending on your budget, spending ~10% of your. Annual marketing budget on the end of the year initiatives. Your budget should include specific allotted amounts for paid advertising. Creatives (banners, cover photos, graphics, videos, etc.), website, social media, and events. Content: Pre-write as much content as you possibly can. Emails, social media posts, PPC campaigns, creatives, promotions, website copy, etc.

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