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Tweets and close to 1.5 million ‘likes’. If we personalize the social conversation, it was ana peleteiro who had. The honor of being. The “Social” gold medalist, as Chile Phone Number she was the most mentioned athlete. Specifically, her official account generated 25,346 tweets, of which 16,750. Were published on august 1, when she won her medal. The audience of sporting events those over 45 years of age were. The ones who followed the olympic games the most. Generated nearly 4,000 hits in the spanish press. The olympic and paralympic games on twitter. Focusing on twitter, the games had a huge reach, with more than. Half a million impressions and 16 million likes. In the case of the paralympics, they had Chile Phone Number a total of 256,807.

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Some of the most cited keywords in headlines were «carreño» (2,787), bronze medalist. In the olympic games, and «biles» (1,472), after his withdrawal from the competition. To the beginning of the JJ. On july. 23 and the end of the paralympics on september 5. The digital press was the one that followed the competition. With the greatest fervor. It published 27,610 news about the olympic games, compared. To Chile Phone Number 7,600 in the written press and 824 on television. By type of medium, general, current affairs and specialized media covered. The bulk of the information, compared to national (1,746 news) and sports (1,447).The sentiment for most of that news was positive.

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twitter on the day of the announcement.This is reflected in a kantar analysis of the impact on the Chile Phone Number media and social. Networks as a result of the two sports competitions. In total, there have been nearly 40,000 impacts in the written press, online, television and. Radio, as well as more than 1,800,000 messages on twitter . The tokyo olympics held this year and the paralympics have made history for several reasons. The first of them, having been postponed for a year due to Chile Phone Numbers a global pandemic. The second, for not having an audience. The third, due to the repercussion on social networks caused by. The withdrawal of five-time world champion gymnast. Simon biles to take care of her mental health, which generated more than 9,000. Messages on

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