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In addition to the parent and child accounts, we also found that companies also need parallel accounts. For example, the actions of the purchasing department need to be connected to the financial department, so they all need to have an account. There is no standard answer about what account to set up, and it should be determined according Albania Phone Numbers to your service. Now Ali Dingding is also a multi-account system. This is true of transactional B2B, and the same is true of service. Question 2: Three guns and four rates of B2B ground push B2B wants to push, transaction, service type is the same, which is determined by the multi-person decision-making characteristics of B2B.

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Often uses user portraits to grasp user characteristics, while 2B is difficult. How can the user portrait know that the key decision-maker of an enterprise is the boss’s mistress? So ground push is a must. The ground push has two important tasks: Find key people. Only Ditui can find the key person of the enterprise, because the key person of the Albania Phone Numbers enterprise cannot be found on the Internet, and the department settings of each enterprise are different. Find the second key person. Because many companies need multiple people to decide whether to use the service or not. In this case, there is no other way than to push with human flesh. Ground push is indispensable, not just with Chinese characteristics, salesforce also needs to do ground push.

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Albania phone number list
Albania phone number list

Because the ground push is important, building a ground push team is very important for B2B companies. To do B2B, you can use a lot of imperial army, you can also use puppet army, or you can combine imperial and fake army – to put it simply, you can use direct sales or use agency and franchise. However, whether it is an agency franchise Albania Phone Numbers or direct sales, it is necessary to promote the local promotion, build a local promotion team, and manage the local promotion quality. Marketing is the key to the success of a B2B business. But you can’t push blindly and superstitiously, you can’t just rely on the ground to push. Here is a “three gun theory”. We call the ground push a manual rifle, one shot and one bolt. Its advantages are accurate, but its disadvantages are slow and cannot be scaled.

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