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Drink product Start with your most compelling one-liner. State the one reason that people would buy your product. What makes it great? What makes it unique? The “WOW” factor. Now that people are hooked, make sure they keep reading. You can do this through a “hook” statement. In the case above, it’s an inspirational quote for those who like to drink. “Solving the dilemma of ‘What to drink when you’re not drinking’” After people are hooked, it’s value, value, value.

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State everything people are going to benefit from by purchasing your product. Why their lives will improve) I’d highly recommend experimenting with Vietnam WhatsApp Number List your headline format, length, and wording as well. For example, studies have shown that headlines with a number can lead to a 30% higher conversion rate.[*] P.S. Still stuck on crafting the perfect headline? Try Sumo’s automatic kickass headline generator Step Three. Feature Amazing Product Images As equally important as your offer, your headlines, and your

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Number can lead to a 30% higher

Copy on your product landing pages are your product photos. This goes without saying, but they should be: High-quality Dynamic (detailed, 360 views). Clear Focused Enticing Eye-catching Optimized for the web (compress images with a tool before uploading) If you don’t have the gear or expertise to take beautiful product photos. I suggest you hire a professional to help. Since visitors can’t touch or hold your products in their hands, your product photos can ultimately make or break the sale.

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