Scarcity works for all of your offers

Against the same product without scarcity: Screenshot showing an AB test Unsurprisingly, the offer that triggered scarcity boosted sales by 226%. Scarcity works for all of your offers – including your email opt-in offers, content upgrades, and discounts. It’s also dead simple to trigger, and I’m about to show you how to use it not only to increase your sales and decrease cart abandonment. but also collect mad emails in the process. Let’s say your visitor is on your site looking at products in your ecommerce store.

And I’m about to show you how

And you don’t want them to just put a few items in their cart and then leave. Cue scarcity. Offer shipping, a discount, or a freebie as a limited time offer just Slovenia WhatsApp Number List before they abandon their cart. Step 1: Identify a limited time offer you could provide to your audience that would push customers who are “on the fence” to act. Don’t go overboard – free shipping or 10% off is often enough to push the needle, especially when paired with scarcity. Step 2: Open List Builder in your Sumo dashboard, and create a new Form.

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Offer just before they abandon

Step 3: Go to the Design tab of your form and add a Countdown timer to trigger scarcity. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Set the countdown time to be 15 minutes or less. Any longer and the customer is more likely to think they will come back in a few minutes and then forget, leaving forever. Step 4: Put the discount code for free shipping in your success popup: Screenshot showing the.  In the Visibility tab set the Display Rules to only show the form in the shopping cart.

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