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Symbol is a comparison of a brand with certain images that arise in the mind, ideas, or symbols that indicate certain representatives, for example, if we see a 3-pointed star, we will think of Benz and we look at Benz cars as innovative cars. modern, etc. Once we see the deep elements of Brand Identity, we can see that in order to create a good Brand Identity, we should pay attention to the core components of the true identity (Core Identity) and the extension.

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Extended Identity) to strengthen our brand and can relate to customer relationships or consumers in the long run or to be good, it should be foreverBrand Identity is the identity or identity of the brand. It is something that companies create to present their brand identity. Brand Identity is the face of the company, the first front for customers to see, such as the brand name, logo, slogan, brochure, brochure, billboard, business card, letterhead. Brand Identity also It is related to other parts of the company, such as the products or services provided to customers. and possible from the vision brand positioning Brand relationship with customers brand personality brand value brand concept product or service features Quality of products or services to various after-sales services. Brand Identity creation is necessary to create a relationship between the brand and the customer. Brand Identity can be divided into 4 groups as follows: Graphic Identity such as logos, pictures, text, colors, patterns Sensorial Identity or identity that can be touched by the five senses, namely form, taste, smell, sound, touch, and also includes appearance. contact surface Behavioral Identity or identity linked to consumer behavior or journey, customer journey, for example, designing an application to make purchases to suit target groups in the digital age Functional Identity.

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