One Of Its Great Advantages

The constant training and positive reinforcement. This is done through contests between branches, improvement courses and knowledge of the industry. Data-driven decisions Human capital needs to understand the data and what it means, because this is really what allows the decisions to be made to be effective. And it is that through understandable actions, they can make all team members able to understand it. LDM has been part of the evolution of consumers Everything that is not measurable cannot be improved This is the basic principle with which we work, which is why one of the applications that we offer to our clients from different industries is Hero Guest.

Since, although its first purpose is to function as training for the gastronomic industry, others such as retail can also benefit from digital training. At Latam Digital Marketing we focus on doing Performance Marketing through different Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platforms, but we also provide our clients with the necessary tools to achieve their goals. Online Training If you want to incorporate this excellent tool into your brand, we are here to help you! And this innovative and well-known App has been talked about in Mexico, so much so that it has been presented nationally and internationally. Its technology was present.

 The Most Important Artificial

Intelligence Event in the region.  Here we Honduras cell phone number   leave you a glimpse of what his presentation was: Learn more about the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, meet the #1 Performance Digital Marketing agency in the region. If you want to quote and get more information about Hero Guest for your brand or company, you can do it here: There are more and more options in the media, this generates more competition than ever for attention, which is why the consumption of video content becomes greater. We want to thank all the people and companies that have decided to believe in this Google initiative.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Digital Marketing it is not only a great opportunity but also a responsibility to improve its clients’ campaigns. Will soon be replicating this event in other Central American countries.  Thus providing the opportunity for companies in the region to participate . And learn about everything that Google has for them. We invite companies to join the program, and be part of the experience that Google has for them: Monthly Informative TownHalls for our collaborators With this, we inform our entire team of what is happening in the company, recognize collaborators, welcome new team members and interconnect all our headquaters as an integral team.

We Have Become A Borderless

Agency With clients all over the globe and services in countries.  Where we do not have offices, the geographical limits have been left behind. That is why we work not only with remote teams, but we are able to provide solutions . And excellent service to our clients thousands of kilometers away. National and international internship program Leaders committed to driving their teams . Our Internship Program has allowed us to empower leaders who work with us today. Many people started their professional career with us and currently have permanent positions within the organization. We faithfully believe in horizontal leadership, which is why all team . Leaders take on the task of showing their members that.   They are accessible and that they can be counted on.

With this, it is possible to achieve a greater rapprochement . Raise levels of trust and empower all its members. Part of this has created a good work environment that has allowed us to participate in the . Great Place to Work 2020. Fellowship activities to encourage teamwork From sports activities and birthday celebrations to meetings . Outside of office hours, one of the qualities that most stands out in our organization and.  That stood out at GPTW 2020, is that we like to share. So we encourage this among collaborators. Chat Why do we offer our clients Yalo Chat? Send and manage notifications. You do this with a simple configuration, which not only has a low cost.

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