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WeChat has become a super application on people’s mobile phones through high-frequency and just-needed chats, circle of friends, public accounts, service accounts, and WeChat payment, so that most users develop the habit of subconsciously opening WeChat when they open their mobile phones. Or conversely, people look down at their Ireland Mobile Number phones because they want to open WeChat. WeChat has become the largest entrance to the entire Chinese mobile Internet. Mini programs will undoubtedly further strengthen traffic monopoly.

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Different from the previous official account and service account, this small program is an application, an application that allows users to experience a better experience, and is a key step in realizing the super dream of WeChat “connecting together”. If the ecology of small programs is formed, there will be fewer and fewer applications that people need to Ireland Mobile Number install on their mobile phones. When WeChat monopolizes more than 50% of mobile Internet traffic, a super-monopolized information form will be born. This will be an unprecedented concentration of traffic, a giant WeChat OS. In the PC era, search, instant messaging, content, e-commerce and thousands of small and medium-sized websites jointly control the traffic.

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The system cannot achieve such a high monopoly. The key to the success of the WeChat applet ecosystem is user habits. If users feel that more than 10 APPs are very troublesome, and they can first think of WeChat when solving problems, instead of searching the application market and downloading APPs to Ireland Mobile Number solve the problem, then this dream is very close. WeChat is no longer a chat software, WeChat is already a complex. If you’re overusing personal pronouns, try mixing them up with the actual people you’re referring to. Instead of we, say Julie and I, or WordPress users.

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