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Papa John’s in the top of mind and in the top of heart of Panamanians. An Online Delivery strategy that is here to stay. +50% vs 2019 of TOM and Awareness. +33% annual downloads of the App. +12% of the expected average in annual sales. This is Effie’s winning case story. The Pizza Game Online Delivery channels have arrived to revolutionize the consumption of a product that we all love: pizza. Immediacy and practicality were the main values ​​of these platforms that gave all fast food chains a second wind. The big players in the industry did not wait and advanced with accelerated steps in the Latin American market. A price battle mixed with delivery time was emerging and no one was left out. Not joining this trend represented the end for your brand. Our case focuses on that country that joins North America with South America and the Pacific .

Ocean with the Atlantic through a channel that is a reference of human engineering. In Panama, as in all other countries, these Online Delivery platforms have been empowered in the last two years and the context in which our favorite pizza brand was located was not the best. Papa John’s found itself with a very weak Top of Mind, which generated a constant drop in billing that led the directors of the brand to make important decisions. It was necessary to plan a turnaround and be one step ahead in the evolution of the market. Online Delivery An App with a lot of craving The answer was very clear. Papa John’s would develop an App that would be aligned with the new consumption habits of Panamanians. But the strategy was not only to create an ideal user experience within it, the other part was missing.

Capturing  Attention Of The Audience

Through a fairly detailed customer New zealand phone number journey that managed to connect with the user at each stage of the journey was the real challenge. Taking all this into account, the three main objectives were set: Capitalization of audiences.  Generate downloads and the first online orders through attractive promotions .Implement an organic and sustainable dynamic of repurchase and loyalty. Preparing the ingredients with the strategic partner LDM entered the scene to analyze the target audiences and establish an entire omnichannel strategy to meet the objectives with tangible results. So easy, we all love pizza! Yes, but to do an effective segmentation we had to rely on an effective data driven mindset. We needed to speak differently to each profile of our interest: Online Delivery The “Delivery Fans”.

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They order food 3 times a week through home delivery apps. They are heavy users of platforms like Netflix & Youtube, or any other Streaming.The “Hardened Singles”: Single men and women between 18 and 35 years old, with a Medium/Medium-High SES, Sociable and extroverted. The “I don’t cook today”: Housewives and parents between 25-55 years old who sometimes have little time to make food or want to treat themselves, and rely on delivery applications.The “Solves Lovers”: people who generally love promotions, discover new restaurants / food brands, seek quick promotions, and are heavy users of delivery applications.  In addition, these segmentations made it possible to analyze each relevant insight of the audiences to create an authentic and effective connection that would start an entire customer journey.

Online Delivery Add To Cart:

For instance, the goal of Online Delivery It’s all about timing. To be present at each user’s moments of decision, we designed a journey in which we placed messages online in different digital channels related to their consumption interests and their segment. Social Media and Google were our main allies. Our design team put their best skills to use and mixed brand attributes with a pinch of creativity to deliver visuals that were compelling enough to drive the desired call to action. “It was a challenging experience since it was one of the first that I had to lead. Therefore, after several brainstorming sessions with the entire design team, we came up with very good ideas . Where we showed that we are an expert team in performance. Coordinator at LDM. Your Effie is already on its way Online Delivery The Buying Online campaign was a resounding success.

The results exceeded each of the objectives set at the beginning and our ally wanted to take this story to the grand.  Juries of the industry. “It was a complex year and in a quite different context.  But assuming the challenge as an opportunity, generating a strategy 100% focused on the consumer.  The and relationship  winning equation to achieve results and have a successful campaign.” Isabel Barreto, Business Manager at LDM. At LDM we develop a long-term partnership with each of our clients throughand external environment. We understand every point of your business model in order to connect it with our expertise in the digital ecosystem. In other words, elevate each strategy with the most advanced technology to optimize the scalable results of brands.

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