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Coca-Cola’s target audience is anyone looking for a high-quality beverage. Coca-Cola’s business product type is thirst quenching beverages. Oca-Cola’s unique point is that it delivers happiness unlike any other beverage. The benefits of Coca-Cola are joyful drinking and life changing for the better. The reason why customers trust the Coca-Cola brand is that Coca-Cola puts customer needs first. Iphone RX Source: iphone-xr-benchmarks-iphone-xs-max Apple – “For individuals who want the best personal computer or mobile device.

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Apple is the leader of technology Qatar Phone Numbers industry that delivers the most innovative products so they can enjoy seamless experiences across all apple devices and empowered with breakthrough services , because Apple take an innovative approach. to business best practices, considering the impact our products have on customers and the planet. ” Apple’s target audience is anyone who wants the best personal computer or mobile device. Apple’s business product type is technology leader. Pple’s differentiator is its most innovative product. The benefit of Apple is that customers will have an experience beyond imagination in using the product. including excellent service The reason customers trust the Apple brand is that Apple does business with innovation at its core, developing products that focus on the customer and the environment.

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Storytelling or storytelling In BU Leads fact, it has been around since prehistoric times. We see evidence from cave paintings that are conveyed as stories about origins, lives, livelihoods, to word-of-mouth stories that have been continuously transmitted to print media, radio, television, and onto the Internet. It is the foundation or origin of storytelling. Until becoming a part of branding and marketing today. which can be called another of the most important things that are indispensable in order to make us different and survive in doing business in this era Let’s see how storytelling is important. Stories always attract attention.

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