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Pay Attention to Your Video Title and Description Just like they do for a blog post, the title and meta description play a part in how videos rank. Spend some time creating an engaging video title and description. Do keyword research to make sure you’re targeting the keywords people are actually looking for. Report rival iq is a set of social media gear that. Enables. Marketers to boom social media roi. Similar to other commercial studies. Providers, rival iq has a sizeable quantity of statistics at their fingertips. When it involves their area of ​​information. Singapore Phone Number To acquire social”Don’t just stuff the title and description with tons of keywords,” says Phil. Instead, ask yourself, “Is this clickable? It’s interesting?” Check out my recent tips on how to write great

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Make sure the rest of your page is video-relevant and SEO-optimized You can’t rely solely on your video’s optimization to receive placement on the SERPs. It is equally, if not more, important that the page itself is also SEO optimized, otherwise search engines won’t bother to Singapore Phone Number crawl it in the first place. “If your video isn’t ranking, it might be because your page is awful,” says Phil. Example of a page optimized for video SEO Pages featuring videos should also be relevant and highly optimized to ensure that these pages rank as highly in search as possible. While it can be difficult to rank your website organically, if you keep creating high quality content and make sure the

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Singapore phone number list
Singapore phone number list

SEO are in place, rankings will come. The other element is making sure the video is relevant to the page you’re embedding it on. Singapore Phone Number “You have to ask yourself: is this page about the video in question or is it generic?” said Phil. If the page is generic and the video is just thrown there, the chances of it ranking are low.

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