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And one area where many ecommerce businesses can improve is their email receipts. Receipts are transactional emails (messages triggered by user actions like buying something) and transactional emails. Have an open rate four to eight times higher than mass emails. If you know people are likely to be opening your receipts, make use of the space to further their relationship with your brand and increase your revenue. For example, LaLaLab uses their email receipts to promote friend referrals: Screenshot showing a post-order message. Bloom & Wild use its email receipts to offer a discount on future purchases.

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Screenshot showing a post-order message For more great ecommerce email examples, check this post. Acquiring a new customer is 6 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. So try to think about how you can use email marketing to encourage repeat purchases and Colombia WhatsApp Number loyalty from each sale you make. Eighty-eight percent of consumers say free shipping makes them more likely to shop online. And if you haven’t yet experimented with free shipping, here’s another reason to give it some serious consideration: Of the people who abandoned carts, 28% of them cited the shipping costs.

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Loyalty from each sale you make

So we know free shipping is incredibly important for many customers and if you offer free shipping, you should definitely promote it wherever you can. For example, Billabong features free shipping front and center on its website. Screenshot showing a top bar And Under Armour mentions free. shipping at the top of its email campaigns. Screenshot showing a top bar Think about your pricing and shipping models when evaluating your offer. A few ways to make free shipping cost-effective without shipping every product for free include: Free shipping for sales of a certain value: We’ve all been

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