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Using high-resolution images for personal and commercial purposes always grabs the attention but in return, there is an amount you have to bear in mind. As a marketer, content creator or eCommerce store owner, you would like to use eye-catching images to brighten up your work. If you can resource your own stock images, you are lucky then. What if you cannot? At this point, the best stock photo sites spark!

The stock images sites

offer a rich library covering high-resolution photos, graphics, videos, audio tracks, vectors and illustrations that Ukraine Phone Number are more mostly royalty-free. So, you will not need to give credit to anyone. Especially in paid versions, you can even edit the images or videos depending upon your needs. Despite the free versions’ limited options, they still can help grow your business through striking marketing campaigns on a low budget.

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In this blog post, we have drawn up both paid and free stock photo sites along with their advantages and disadvantages. Before we jump into the sites, you should consider their license and attribution requirements during your deciding process.

Quick Mention about Licenses

The stock photo sites provide the sheer number of stock images, videos or music that are free from copyright restrictions. This opportunity is known as the Creative Commons license (CC0) in public which gives you unlimited edit, copy, usage rights. Whether you use them for personal or commercial use, you do not need to get any permission.

If we have made it all clear, let’s dive into the best stock photo sites!

Best Free Stock Photo Sites


Unsplash takes the lead the top of the best free stock photo sites list. The platform has over 300,000 high-resolution freely usable images that are related to business & work, fashion, health & fitness, travel, arts, food, history, spirituality and much more. The license reflects that you can download unlimited images with the right of editing, copying and using without permission. The red line is the images cannot be sold before turning into unique versions of them.


The best free stock photo sites list cannot be done without mentioning Pexels’ library that offers a vast number of stock images pleasing to the eye. Pexels gives you unlimited downloads for each stock image you like in different formats. Besides its rich stock image library, it also offers free stock videos shared by the community. There is a good point that you can donate the artist what your heart desires if you very much like the image. This opportunity gives the artist motivation to keep up their work.

Pexel Stock Library

The community also runs challenges related to different topics like travel, people, animals, emotion, art etc. There are also several challenges that raise awareness for the issues we have been recently coping with. One Ocean, One Future is such a remarkable one!


Another free awesome stock images plat


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