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hat leads us to a conclusion: a blog is the most efficient marketing tool you could think of. It gives you space to publish great pieces of content that bring you closer to your audience. These posts have to be useful, informative, engaging, and very easy to read. Those parameters seem simple, but the goal of creating efficient content is quite difficult to achieve.

What if you don’t have enough time to commit to What if you

have no idea how to craft a piece your audience would like? What if you’re not a good writer, photographer, or video editor? If you’re facing any of these issues, there’s one thing you can do: outsource.

urce quality content writing is Semrush Marketplace. This platform, launched in 2019 by Semrush, helps you fill your editorial calendar with all major content Vietnam phone number formats. With this content writing services platform, you can order any content – quickly and at a reasonable price. Blog articles, website copy, email newsletters, ebooks, press releases, or infographics – you name it! All of them created by seasoned professionals working within specific niches. What’s also worth highlighting is that with Semrush Marketplace, you can also produce content for particular countries in local languages.

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There’s one possible problem with Shutterstock: too many people use it. Of course, it’s a resourceful platform that presents tons of photos you can choose from, but sometimes the choices are obvious and people have seen the same photographs all over the web.

EyeEm might be a better choice if you’re looking for more original photos to accompany your content. There are over 70 millions of photos in the library, provided by over 18 million photographers from all around the world.

Envato Market

If you don’t want to make great investment in visual content, but you st

Outsourcing your content creation comes with many advantages. Speeding up and facilitating the content creation process comes at the top of these advantages. The advantages are not limited to these, outsourcing also enhances customer-centred and valuable inbound content strategies in order to attract and engage website visitors.

Not to mention the fact that outsourcing keeps you away from complexity. Simply put, it serves as a bridge between you and specialized outsourcing services. All you need to do is to determine your editorial plan and leave the rest of the process to them. It will ensure that the blog section is always up to date. That will drastically affect the website performance and so analytics as well.

In the continuation, you’ll find a list of platforms you can use when you decide you want to outsource content creation to freelancers.


The visual appeal of your post is extremely important. You can hire a professional photographer who would grasp your ideas in the perfect photos, or you can find affordable, but suitable photos on Shutterstock. The image

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