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You can learn more about it and how to do Social Listening with it. digital marketing 5. Voice Search Guaranteed: Most brands aren’t ready to explore smart speaker advertising. But while they get to that point, they should explore optimizing their content for voice search. According to Google, 20 percent of all Google searches occur through voice. And according to Thrive Analytics, it can be said that 71 percent of mobile users between the ages of 18 and 29 use their smart assistants. We know that Echo, Siri or Alexa; they are the users’ allies when searching by voice commands, so for this 2020 we need to start optimizing the content for these searches.

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 6. Measurement of On and Offline Campaigns In the past, we were satisfied with just knowing that we were making noise in the different media, but just as social networks are measurable, so are your offline campaigns. This is why the measurement of omnichannel strategies is highlighted in digital marketing trends, which is possible if you have the right tool. And it is with this that you can know how much you invest in which channel, and the return that this offers you. For our part we use Decidata , it is a technology company for media and marketing. It was two years ago and develops technological solutions for brands and.

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Advertising on television with digital El salvador phone number   advertising and launching campaigns focused on specific segments of the population. digital marketing trends 7. Increasingly Automated Campaigns Before, when creating campaigns on Google and Facebook, we had to have great knowledge and long implementation processes. Today they have become automated processes and the trend is for this to continue to grow. This is why you need to invest more time in the strategy and know the audience you want to reach. This must be a priority in your strategist! And as the trend of increasingly optimized and personalized campaigns grows, we have a tool that can help you achieve this.

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AI is the creator of an automated artificial intelligence and machine learning model for digital campaigns. Saving time, money and satisfying your customers at the lowest cost, this is the best way to work. And it is that with this tool you will not only be able to create predictive campaigns, but also optimize the ones you already have. This will allow you to better invest your budget and obtain better results. Digital Marketing Trends Campaign Grader: A tool created in LDM to improve your campaigns LDM Campaign Grader In the Digital Age we try to position our brand on all possible platforms, but we know that the lord and master of searches is Google.

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Every dollar invested in Google Campaigns efficiently, the ROI is double in average companies. This is why doing a good job becomes imperative and optimizing adwords campaigns is paramount. Our new platform to optimize adwords campaigns generates a report with recommendations on the performance of your campaigns. With which you will be able to detect opportunities and deficiencies that you would not normally achieve at first glance. All this in order that by making these improvements, your results are increasingly positive. Go ahead and try it today! New decade, new Digital Marketing strategies May the good vibes of 2020 allow you to succeed in your strategies, and to support you we want to leave you with a series of tips.

It is essential to start obtaining leads from potential customers, so try to convert visits to your website into leads. Analyze and duplicate the marketing channels that work best for your business. Everything must be measurable to improve, so knowing the ROI of all your investments is essential. Standardize all the company’s contact channels, so that they share the same strategy and. Your customers can move from one channel to another. The Latam Digital Marketing Family will continue working to achieve new goals in 2020. And you, are you ready? latam digital marketing And because the only way to change the future is to create it… Are you ready to take your strategy to the next level?

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