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Small and medium-sized companies are taking on alibaba and amazon. So the landscape is moving further and further away from monopoly. In spain alone, we have two great examples during the last year. Mediamarkt Banner Design has launched its own marketplace in 2021. Which it hopes to expand to 200 sellers, to compete with amazon and pccomponentes. Among others. And for its part, Banner Design pccomponentes has also launched a new marketplace. Unilae , focused on b2c sales. Throughout 2022 and 2023. Unilae plans to expand its presence to the rest of europe. According to a ware2go study , 88% of consumers consider. Sustainability to be an important factor in purchasing decisions. This means that they are likely to be willing to pay.

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A product if it is in line with their values . Brands, therefore, can benefit from betting on showing their commitment in their online store. For example, the Banner Design sustainable  clothing brand clotsy brand shows a breakdown of the price of its garments . And indicates what percentage is  Banner Design dedicated to each area of ​​the company. Upselling and cross-selling are two widely used strategies to increase. The lifetime value and the average price of the cart , offering customers products of a higher category. Or complementary to those they have already purchased. To better manage the recommendations of these products with high sales volumes. The trend in not only … but also ecommerce for 2022 is the use of artificial intelligence to automate. The creation of personalized offers.

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automatically process data. On customer behavior to send them tailored proposals. Banner Design Headless ecommerce is a technological solution in the same fash that is changing. Our way of understanding web development. Banner Design In this system, the ecommerce front-end and back-end work independently. And are connected through an api. Banner Design This makes it easy to adapt designs and offer users a truly omnichannel experience . Integrating elements such as mobile applications, voice assistants or the web page in the first place.




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