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Most of the platforms of this type focus on live broadcast courses, the purpose is to make the student experience closer to the real face-to-face teaching, and the interaction between teachers and students and students is the core highlight. But the problem is that these teachers who come from offline and have no online teaching experience didn’t know how to interact with students in the online classroom at first, and didn’t know how to catch the Tongliao Phone Number invisible, intangible, out of control state on the other side of the screen. s student. The interactive questions and answers that appear in the classroom are often painless. In fact, there is no substantial difference between such interactive effects and the one-way transmission of online school videos, and even these unedited original contents sometimes fail to keep up with the quality of recording and broadcasting.

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The form of large class teaching cannot meet individual needs. The course transaction process of this type of platform does not have the function of selecting and classifying students. Anyone can sign up. As long as they sign up, they can attend Tongliao Phone Number the course. Often, the knowledge base among students is very different, and the segmentation needs are also different. But the content of the teaching is the same. There are as few as dozens of people in a class, as many as hundreds of people. Even if there is language and text interaction between teachers and students, in most cases, they answer questions from several people, which cannot meet individual needs.

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Tongliao Phone Number
Tongliao Phone Number

There are many users with insufficient student user stickiness or periodic needs, which are easy to lose. From the perspective of demand, courses can generally be divided into just-needed classes and non-rigid-needed classes. Courses for just-needs Tongliao Phone Number are generally students studying for grades, certificates or further studies. After the just-needed stage, many of these users disappear naturally; for non-just-needed courses, students’ autonomy is not strong, although some courses have the number of applicants. A lot, but it is not bad to have a class attendance rate of 40%. As for the completion rate of class attendance, it will be even lower.


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