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Argument marketing, what is it good for? Why is roi the wrong. Indicator in campaign-oriented Italy Phone Numbers marketing and advertising? First, let’s take a look. At the definition of the rate of return on investment. The simplest is to measure the return on an investment asset against the cost of the asset. In fact, the calculation looks like this: roi present value. Of investment – ​​investment cost) Italy Phone Number investment cost according to , is the wrong indicator. For campaign-oriented and advertising. Click to tweet suppose you bought a house for $ 500,000 in january and spent $ 100,000 on remodeling in six months. Your content strategy? Don’t rely on the same old.

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Is not a return on investment. Marketing and advertising campaigns are an. Expense, not an investment. Campaigns are an expense, not an investment, says. Click to tweet as marketers, we have to show that they are the necessary Italy Phone Number expenses, and we can apply our skills to optimize the efficiency. Of the expenses in time () and should do so). However, maximizing. Roi has not been the best way to measure campaign-oriented marketing. And advertising. Let’s see why. Carefully selected related content. How to explain the roi of content marketing to earn (or maintain) buy-ins. This goal is a perfect measure of marketing and. Advertising campaigns, but it’s a break. Maximizing cost efficiency.

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What we want, what we really want is an unbreakable. Algorithm for marketing.” and the Italy Phone Number truth is, we are never there. It means that you can’t reach. Currently, the introduction of marketing as. An “Investment rate of return” is a new development. The term became Italy Phone Number widespread in. The late 1990s and early 2000s as digital technology. Began to provide a more detailed analysis of marketing-related transactions. And whether it’s called roi (return on investment), romi (return on marketing investment). Or roc (customer rate of return-thanks to dr. Martha rogers and dr. Don peppers). The goal is the same. Maximize the efficiency. In the unique and wise words of the spice girls. “

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