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Express happiness, fun, warmth in the family. creating new experiences for life that is accessible to all genders and ages and bring out everyone’s childhood memories Until in the hearts of people around the world All I have taken are just examples. that should show the picture of each brand and what is presented through personality Characteristics of that brand To make a strong brand personality is a matter of clarity of identity. and continuity in communicating what they are to consumers. Consumers associate the personality of a brand with who they are.

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Will make that brand become 1000 Phone Numbers the number one in the minds of consumers in the future Many people probably have heard or met with themselves that many times when we buy products. We often think in our minds that this product is us, right? Usually people tend to express their own identity. with the personality of the brand they choose In other words, a brand’s personality determines the relationship customers have with the brand. Therefore, creating a clear brand personality Therefore, it is something that can make a difference from competitors very well. Brand Personality or Brand Personality.

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Therefore, it is the first priority that BU Leads we should define clearly. In general, the personality of the brand We mean brand identity. Therefore, it must refer to the human nature of the brand. as a result of the interaction between the customer experience and that brand. The experience can be experienced from many things, such as the experience of using the product. Brand communications in various forms such as advertisements, marketing activities, etc. “Customers don’t buy products, they buy associations with personality-like products.” There are 5 types of Brand Personality : Sincerity reflects devotion, good-hearted people, warm feelings. Excitement reflects a challenge, thrilling, out of the box.

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