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The confinement of the world population. as it is the case that, if you want to design an online marketing strategy in your restaurant, you have to make sure that it does not clash or overlap with the strategies and promotions that the delivery apps are offering. In addition to this, the digital marketing strategies of delivery apps usually include strong promotions and discounts, and it will be up to you whether you want to participate in them or not. What is advantageous is that being part of a delivery app puts your restaurant on the map and introduces it to the digital ecosystem. If you are in a delivery, you are immediately part of the universe of restaurants that sell over the Internet. 3).

Build your digital marketing strategy for restaurants with delivery vs. using the platforms .There is no delivery without delivery men. Therefore, in order to transform your restaurant from a physical one to one that makes deliveries, you need the right infrastructure. There are two options: use your own couriers versus using the couriers of delivery apps. Analyze the operating costs of each and take into consideration the size of your restaurant. If your restaurant is not very large, your own team of delivery men may be sufficient, but if your operation is already of a considerable size, you may require the infrastructure of the delivery apps, for the correct implementation of the strategy.

While Your Personal Fleet

Is a considerable cost, the vehicles and Azerbaijan mobile phone numbers staff are yours, while by making use of delivery apps, you are bound to always depend on them if you want to continue with your delivery strategy. Take this into consideration and analyze what is the optimal decision in terms of cost-benefit. 4) Take good photos of the cymbals Food enters through the eyes. This is an undeniable fact. For this reason, an online marketing strategy for restaurants must include impeccable product shots. What do we mean by flawless? The dishes must exude their aroma, their flavor and their texture through the images. “Instagrammable” photos with an overhead shot or a table-level shot are not enough to make your dish known.

Azerbaijan mobile phone numbers

A chef prepares and seasons, to convince the customer to return, through the flavors. In the same way, the photography of a product must take the same care, to do justice to the food. online marketing for restaurants The best online marketing strategy for restaurants is not going to come with text. No matter how creative the name is, regardless of whether it is in another language and no matter how extensive and detailed the description of a dish is, it is not going to compare with having an image that immediately awakens the appetite of your potential customers. . An exceptional restaurant requires exceptional product photography. Thus, an investment in a product shot session should be seen as just an integral.

Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

This will result in greater engagement from your audience and, above all, greater ROI. We have all witnessed how easily the image of a unique, extravagant, innovative or even exaggerated dish can go viral. The furore caused by an image of food is extraordinary, so the power that food images have within social networks must be capitalized on. In this way, you will make a successful digital marketing campaign in your restaurant. Finally, these same photographs are not single-use bullets, as they are material that can even help you renew the image of your restaurant. Include them on your website, in your eCommerce or even in your physical printed menus. 5).

Use a digital marketing campaign for restaurants based on graphic, so that they see your product . Linked to the previous point is precisely the way in which you have to implement your . Digital marketing strategy based on images. An adequate Google Displays Ads campaign, coupled with a strong presence of graphic material. On Facebook and Instagram, will allow you to obtain tangible results. A success story that we have as a marketing agency for restaurants is Pollo Campero. We managed to position this brand through a campaign focused on graphics. Although, of course, joining a delivery app also has its downsides.

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