Rohingya moderate leader assassinated in Bangladeshi refugee camp

It has been four years since. The last rohingya massacre, and the shooting incident. In mohibra highlights that the division. And disputes between the peaceful and extremist. Militants representing. The rohingya ethnic group have reached a climax. For a long time, the two factions .Have kept the water from the well and the water from the river. However, as mohibra’s reputation gradually. Rose to international fame and received humanitarian assistance from international. Organizations on many occasions, other non-mainstream. Rohingya social movement workers .And armed factions felt jealous and dissatisfie. And they suspected mohibra’s integrity, etc.Thousands of refugees attend the funeral. Of mohibra in the rohingya refugee. Camp in kutupalang, bangladesh.The situation of rohingya refugees in. Malaysia during the epidemicMany international organizations, white house spokespersons and humanitarian. Organizations in malaysia felt sorry for. The assassination of moshibra and criticize. The armed extremists in the rohingya ethnic group.



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That there are also many rohingya refugees in malaysia. According to unhcr records. , as of october this year, there were about 155,030 refugees in malaysia from myanmar, including 103,090 rohingya. However there are also many rohingya refugees who are not registered. Possibly as many as 300,000 overall. It must be emphasized that. The rohingya refugees in malaysia are all moderate factions who advocate the peaceful line. And they have been living quietly and hard in malaysia.Rohingya refugees in malaysia are also angry and .Regretful about  Romania Phone Number the unfortunate death of mohibr. A rohingya leader who advocated a peaceful. Route. For more than 30 years. There no sign of the arakan rohingya salvation army in malaysia. On the contrary, rohingya communities. In many regions of malaysia believe that by setting up education centers to allow the next generation to receive basic education, it is the only way to reverse the situation. The only good solution for the rohingya tragedy. In addition, they also look forward to the restoration of peace in myanmar’s rakhine state and the early realization. Of the day when they return to their hometowns.Compared with the recent frequent assassinations. In rohingya refugee camps in bangladesh.

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The health threats they face are more urgent

Fortunately, after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020. When malaysia launched a national movement control. For any confirmed foreign migrant workers and refugees. The official provided free treatment. Isolation meals etc.Until they recovere. Then after entering 2021 with the arrival. Of vaccines from abroad, the official also announce. That the government will provide free .Vaccinations against new coronary pneumonia. For foreigners in the country, including foreign. Migrant workers and refugees. Therefore, for the vaccination of migrant workers and refugees. Many preparations have been made such.Produce epidemic prevention literature in multiple languages. ​​and circulate it on the internet and social media.Prepare vaccination consent forms in multiple languages.Set up vaccination centers in areas where refugees. And foreign workers gather so that they can. Be vaccinat. Free of charge.Have medical ngos set up temporary vaccination centres in refugee communities.

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