Your budget should include specific

I recommend, depending on your budget, spending ~10% of your annual marketing budget on the end of the year initiatives. Your budget should include specific allotted amounts for paid advertising, creatives (banners, cover photos, graphics, videos, etc.), website, social media, and events. Content: Pre-write as much content as you possibly can. Emails, social media posts, PPC campaigns, creatives, promotions, website copy, etc. The more you get done now, the better off you will be to quickly

A quick word to the wise when planning

Pivot during the hectic holiday season. Keep track of your entire year with this FREE downloadable 12-month ecommerce marketing calendar. A quick word to UK WhatsApp Number List the wise, when planning content out in advance, be careful not to send it out too early. Screenshot showing a mcdonald Step Two. Create Targeted Holiday Content and Promotions November and December. Are arguably the best times of the year for ecommerce brands to thrive in the world of content.

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Create Targeted Holiday Content and

Many keywords are seasonal and so if you’re able to create unique, targeted content early on in the season, then you might just see extra traffic from search. Especially if you’ve been working hard all year to create quality content that performs well on search engines! The first things you’ll. Want to create are several holiday and shopping guides around very specific keywords that you’re trying to target (this also makes for great advertising content).

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