Small ecommerce business in North

During particular days/weeks throughout the holiday season. Be sure that you have the bandwidth to handle this extra traffic and that your site performs well under the extra pressure. Screenshot showing NA traffic data Check out these numbers from a small ecommerce business in North America. November, particularly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can put a major strain on your systems. If your website is slow, crashes or causes your visitors frustration, you will lose customers

At this point in your ecommerce marketing

And potential returning customers). I recommend keeping your average page loading time under three seconds –– two, if possible. AUGUST: OPTIMIZE Uruguay WhatsApp Number List YOUR PRODUCT LANDING PAGES FOR CONVERSION USING THIS SCIENTIFIC. DATA-BACKED METHOD At this point in your ecommerce marketing plan journey. You’re driving hundreds, no, thousands of visitors to your website each month. Nice work! Now it’s time to convert all of those leads into brand new customers and revenue.

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At this point in your ecommerce marketing

Product landing pages are one of my favorite ecommerce marketing tactics to talk. About because there is a very scientific approach to creating a landing page that converts at a high rate. Here’s how: Step One: Understand High-Level Components of a Great Offer The number one thing people care about when arriving at your landing page (it’s why they’re there!) is your offer. You’ll convert customers like a champion with a solid offer that people can’t refuse.

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