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If you have Hootsuite like me, you can automate this. If not, schedule them to go out via Buffer or another social media scheduling tool. CHOOSING A GIVEAWAY WINNER When the giveaway ends, you get to choose a winner! Here’s a small traffic tip, though. Don’t just email the winner to let them know they won. Instead, build some buzz and send participants to your website to find out who won through a post or update.

Example of the email that went out

I’ve tested numerous subjects lines for this email, and the two subject line winners are. Subject line: Congratulation to… Subject line: The winner is… Here’s an example of the email that went out to my email list for the winner of the. Sleep Sumo giveaway: Screenshot showing Cyprus WhatsApp Number List an email This drives traffic and makes it far more exciting for the winner. Content marketing is important to drive traffic to your website. Content is what helps the search engines pick your website up, educates your customers, and eventually sells your product.

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This drives traffic and makes it far

So having a content strategy was important in helping me create daily content. One portion of my content strategy was to email interview celebrities and people with large networks. Interviewing is great for a few reasons: It provides social proof as you feature influencers on your site. It provides free, engaging content. The interviews don’t take a long time to create. Interviewing influencers about their sleep helped me drive traffic, because the interviewees would usually share with their audience – plus I’d be able to build a relationship with them. Make a list of influencers in your niche or similar niches that reach your target

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