Social Media Content Creation

In the case of our example, marketing men’s lifestyle products to the girlfriend, wife, or partner of these men as an excellent gift idea might sell them better than you would’ve if you marketed to your direct demographic.

Social Media Content Creation

The social content piece of your social media content strategy is not necessarily the specific copywriting or imagery you’ll use in your posts but VP Business Development Email List rather the types of content you will create and publish.

For instance, fashion brands are more likely to need video-based social content and lots of imagery in their content strategy. At the same time, accountants typically steer more toward text-based content or curated content from other publishers.

Inside your social media content strategy, plan for the types of content you want to include on your social media channels and retain what you don’t want to publish.

It’s also helpful to separate these content buckets in terms of themes to help ensure you’re covering all the areas of your business.

Some social content options include but are not limited to:

  • Text
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Curated resources
  • User-submitted content

Social Media Platforms

Once your social media plan has addressed the right audience and identified the types of content you want to publish, it’s critical to narrow down the social media platforms you plan to use.

This decision can be challenging for some business owners, and many of them make mistakes trying to publish on every platform simultaneously.

However, this strategy can often backfire because it’s complicated to create relevant information, publish and engage with content on multiple platforms at once without the help or the services of a social media agency.

The best strategy is to identify the top two or three platforms where your potential customers are likely to be and start with consistent content on those platforms. Because each forum has its algorithms and approach to distributing content, the content you create for each platform should be unique.

For instance, video performs well on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, while text and imagery with data or cited sources often do better on LinkedIn. If you are planning to use multiple platforms, your content development strategy should reflect each platform’s preferences.

Performance Metrics

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Remember, creating content is not the goal, and content by itself does not ensure that users will see the content or take the desired action you want.

It’s essential to decide which metrics matter to you and how you’ll measure success relative to your business goals. At the end of your social media campaigns, you will know exactly how the posts performed and any needed further adjustments.

Most platforms allow you to monitor analytics directly inside the software, making this an easy task. When deciding on your performance metrics, consider that social media creators designed the platforms to keep people on the platform. Therefore, the process of getting a user to follow a link over to your website is a difficult one, and you should only include it as one of your goals.

Other goals might include engagement rates or the growth of your followers to drive sales ultimately.

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