Some Cry Others Sell Handkerchiefs

As of March 2020, we entered the beginning of a new era and what COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, did was accelerate what was going to happen. All this has caused a stir in the world and brands have been shake , leading them to rethink their strategie . Therefore, marketing in times of crisis has become vital. Within a few months, many companies will be left in a major recession. This will break the flow of money as it was done before. And from now on,) hand in hand with your digital strategy. And it is to be expected that with a pandemic that affects more than 800,000 people in the world, not only has health been affected.

But the economy has been seriously impacted, which is why we want to contextualize the situation as simply as possible and show you how your brand can adapt to the new world during the crisis in social networks. Silence is the most toxic strategy in crisis communication . Jim Lukaszewski Brands that decide not to do marketing in times of crisis are the first that audiences forget, staying silent is not a feasible option. Next, we present the following tips for your digital marketing strategy for crisis management to be better coped with. Digital Marketing Tips for the Crisis crisis in social networks.

The Management Of Crisis In Social

Networks today with the Coronavirus  Colombia phone numbers  or in future occasions. Act fast and be strategic . The success of brands is not only seen in those who respond fast, but also those who know how to adapt to the situation and make the most of it. That is why it is important that you manage to analyze the general panorama and make the best decision. A well-monitored brand can detect a crisis earlier If the Social Listening that we do to our brand is not constant, the storm may be upon us before we can detect it, so it is important not only to monitor our brand, but also what happens with our followers. And that our Marketing Strategy in times of crisis plays a major factor, so we must have established general parameters.

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Do a general review of your communication.  In an attempt to automate processes, many times we develop all the content . That our brand will talk about for a certain period of time. But it is important to do a complete review when handling.  A crisis in social networks to know if we should make any changes or not publish it. Reply whenever you can Depending on your brand, on many occasions your customers. May need an almost immediate response, whether to buy a product or service.  As well as to respond to the status of the brand.  It is important to have a general response model and continuous. Communication to that users know that the brand is there for them. Prepare messages analyzing the different scenarios.

Remember That During Crises

There are many changing situations, so it is important that you and your team prepare. For all the events that may occur and how will work on them in the Digital Marketing Strategies for crisis management. But maintaining communication is paramount. Brands making a difference During this world crisis .Brands that are making a correct marketing strategy in times of crisis stand out, showing.  How they show solidarity with what we live through creative proposals. Coca Cola Coca Cola Marketing in times of crisis Being apart is the best way to be unit . This Coca Cola quote is the best way to define .The campaign against COVID-19 by showing the separation in its logo.

This piece was on a digital billboard with the English language in Times Square. Free market Mercado Libre Marketing in crisis Mercado Libre is one of the most recognized companies in Latin America for the purchase and sale of products online. And this time, as part of their marketing in times of crisis, they have sent their message of support in the face of the Coronavirus situation and decided to temporarily change their logo. Here we leave you a glimpse of the recommendations that you can implement for your strategy .

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