While I Have Hpent The Past

Your account looks like an online Austria WhatsApp Number List sales pitch Another major reason for losing followers: your account seems like an online sales pitch. Sure, your goal is to generate more sales. But for Instagram you don’t have to put the full focus on this. Your followers Austria WhatsApp Number List want to see more than that, so make sure this is balanced too. What more do your followers want? Radiate your brand values. Your followers want to know what you stand for, not just what you sell.

From Microsoft Among Others

Look up the interaction, for example ask a question in the description. With this you challenge your followers to interact. Humor is the best weapon: make your followers Austria WhatsApp Number List laugh! In this case, you can take a brand like bol.com as an example. They use humor in their posts and therefore get a lot of reactions Austria WhatsApp Number List from followers. Each image shows something they’re selling, but it doesn’t feel like an annoying sales pitch.

humor in posts  You’re Using Irrelevant Austria WhatsApp Number List Hashtags Hashtags: it started with Twitter, but now every social media channel is familiar with it. And believe it or not, they really make a difference ! Hashtags, for example, help spread your post beyond Austria WhatsApp Number List just your followers’ feed. But what does that have to do with current followers? If you only use hashtags that you hope to get more followers and likes (think: #like4like, #follow4follow), people will turn off.

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