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May lead consumers to look at brands that are easier to understand. A brand’s story can be built from the moment the brand was founded. which should arise from the basic problem of the consumer coming in to solve problems for consumers and how to make it successful That’s what people expect from our brand. Therefore, the narrative should begin by describing the consumer problem. Enter the solution of how it helps customers. and culminating with the result of the success that has occurred and should end with paving the way for other stories in the future.

Brand Having To Have

The narrative must show the reason for Sri Lanka Phone Number the existence of the brand. We can’t sell products or services just because we want income. Because people are no longer interested in these things. This is the source of why we have to tell the story of our brand. Why do we exist? An obvious example is the TOMS brand of shoes, which focuses on communicating the story of giving for a better quality of life. Using the slogan “One for one”, every time you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, they donate another pair of shoes to a child in need. which creates confidence in the brand And the reason why we have to buy your shoes. The story must be connected to the customer.

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Which Must Begin With The

The essence of the story is not just BU Leads about who we are. But the real purpose of the story is to create a connection with customers. That must be linked to what relationship we have with customers How we understand customers and how. We are like you, for example, the North Face brand that connects with customers’ minds in adventurous activities. With ideas to spark a lifestyle in the form of adventure and outside activities.

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