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A large portion of WordStream’s growing customer base are marketing agencies that use WordStream Advisor for Agencies to better serve their clients. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could tap into this Azerbaijan Phone Number group of clients to learn more about what drives the typical agency these days, and then share that data with our clients and other readers? marketing agency survey results So that’s what we did! We sent out a survey to our agency clients and collected data from nearly 200 marketing agencies of all sizes around the world that offer paid search

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These agencies answered 10 questions about the industries they serve, the services they offer, Azerbaijan Phone Number how they structure prices and fees, their biggest challenges, their plans for growth and more. No time to read this post? Download it for later! Below are the results of our State of the Industry Report – here’s how agencies are doing it in 2017! (Also be sure to check out our 2018 State of the Azerbaijan Phone Number Agency Report). How do agencies rate their paid search services? marketing agency pricing structures Agency Fee Structures About half of respondents base fees for paid search services on a flat fee or deposit. Less than a third (28%) base prices on a percentage of spend, while only 12% of expenses.

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Azerbaijan Phone Number List
Azerbaijan Phone Number List

Billable hours can undersell the value you offer if you use agency software to improve efficiency.) What percentage of expenses do you charge? agency pricing spend percentage Azerbaijan Phone Number How agencies charge as a percentage of ad spend For those pricing based on a percentage of spend, most agencies (39%) charge 15-20% of client spend, while a quarter (25%) charge 10-15% of client spend. Only 5% of agencies charge less than 10% of expenses.

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