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Wendy’s Wendy’s earned my loyalty to their burgers for life Player Live Commentary: Mattew Piccolo As an example of brand engagement , there is the case of the Wendy’s restaurant chain when creating the character of Wendy in the video game Fornite, Wendy entered the game as a character and because of the restaurant’s motto of “do not use frozen food” he started destroying meat freezers instead of attacking rivals. This strategy was amplified through the Twitch platform for 9 continuous hours live, the results were incredible: More than 1.5 million minutes watched on.

Twitch, 119% increase in Wendy’s mentions on all platforms, influencersThe most important of Twitch began to imitate Wendy’s activity and with this users from all over the world began to destroy freezers within the video game as a show of support and interaction with the brand. In recognition of this marketing feat, the game Fortnite removed meat freezers from the entire game forever, and rival brands paid their respects to Wendy’s great performance. How can my brand benefit from the Gaming world ? The answer lies in the value that you can offer to the ecosystem, that is, that you generate a complementary experience and that it focuses on benefiting the user.

In This Case A Gamer

Albert Alvarez. CEO, LDM An example of Armenia cell phone numbers how to advertise in gaming is shown with the gaming hardware accessories company , RAZER , by presenting RESPAWN , a chewing gum for gamers , whose main slogan is “Chew, focus, win” that in addition to having a great marketing has value for the gamer , because it is made with extracts of green tea and vitamin B to ensure a better performance of the players during a game of video games, this does not assure the gamer of becoming a professional, but it does make him realize that the brand is interested in him by worrying about his performanceAnd not just for showing up.

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UVM and LDM: We create our world within Minecraft Another example of brand-user.  Interaction to advertise in gaming is the success story of the strategic alliance between LDM .  Digital Marketing agency ).and UVM (Universidad del Valle de México) . where LDM created the world of the Minecraft video game.(the best-selling video game in history), a replica of the UVM Lomas Verdes . Campus stadium in Mexico for the presentation of its new mascot Lince. Effort that represented around 250 hours of work as it is made up of 9.5 million blocks of the video game . This project is cited on more than 200 occasions by different web portals and generated the interest of many pre-university students.  Turn to see UVM and consider the institution as an option.

There Was Even A Hidden Prize

Where the players who participated in the video game had to look for a hidden treasure and the one who found.  It won a 100% scholarship, the rest of the users who did not want to play could follow.  The event by streaming , generating traffic in the UVM porta. And with the possibility of conversion. Get Ready or Game Over In conclusion turning to look at this market. And diversifying the advertising budget at this time of great expansion.  Is a great alternative, since the industry has an average growth of , it is still difficult to glimpse the size.

That this ecosystem will achieve, but what is certain is that the brands that participate in this moment . Of such expansion will ensure a place in the mindset of this sophisticated and select audience. LDM recommends you delve into and advertise gaming. With tools and content provided directly by video game platforms.  Such as direct partnerships that LDM has with Twitch and Riot Games .(developer of the game with the most active players in the world . League of Legends) to introduce the content of our brands to their platforms.

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