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The examples of apples and eucalyptus boards we talked about just now are not supply chain finance, but I have controlled the goods, and what I am doing is goods finance. The key to making goods in finance lies in three words, “accurately judged”, “sustainable” and “sellable”, these three words are indispensable, and the order cannot be wrong. What is “justified”? Knowing how much a ton of apples and sugar cost, relying on SaaS and Belize Mobile Number understanding the value of the collateral; “seeing it” means ensuring that the right to the goods is in your hands. Either guard the big stick, or float at sea; “sell it” means to ensure that the final product will not fall in our hands, and we can sell it quickly. In the final analysis, doing B2B must consider financial issues. Either do the chain, or do the goods.

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Question 10: B2B must be managed by classification and classification – “classification and classification, privilege and special price, contribution and money, can enter and withdraw” The tenth question is also the most important. If you Belize Mobile Number feel that today’s content is a bit too much, then mainly remember the first and this one. 2C is graded, Taobao buyers and sellers are graded, crown buyers, three diamond buyers, five heart sellers… 2B is also the same, because B2B is businessman to businessman in the final analysis. But compared with 2C, the classification of B is very different. Because a business is much more complex than an individual.

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Belize phone numbers list
Belize phone numbers list

Grading is not an internal matter, it is to do explicit grading like Taobao, let customers know, and put obvious labels. Category ratings are for privileged specials. Privileges can allow some customers to have relative priority, such as golf members, members of certain department stores, and membership means that they can enjoy services that ordinary Belize Mobile Number customers cannot. However, traditional enterprises do not understand privilege enough and like to talk about money too much. In the membership level, it is not expensive to talk about privileges. For most companies, privileges are business opportunity allocation. Alibaba’s ranking is the distribution of business opportunities and privileges. Premium members correspond to more privileges and better prices. How does a business get a higher rank? To contribute money.

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