The 2020 Digital Marketing Trends

A couple of days ago not only a new year began, but a decade, which is why knowing the digital marketing trends for 2020 is essential to put them into practice as soon as possible. What will be the trends of digital marketing 2020? This year has been incorporating great changes in the digital age, but pillars such as personalization, chatbots, automation, social listening, campaign measurement, and voice search are some of the main trends. Digital Marketing Trends 2020 And without further ado, we present some of the most outstanding digital marketing trends for this coming year. 1. Personalization This is one of the main trends that marked a milestone in 2019 and that will be important in 2020.

Implementing hyper-personalization processes creates a positive and measurable impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Among the opportunities identified as the most attractive for the different entities, personalization thanks to person-centric data marketing continues to be crucial. So proposing a hyper-personalized relationship is going to be the top marketing trend in 2020! Also, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), for 83% of marketers, creating personalized content is one of the biggest challenges. Digital Marketing Trends 2020 2. Chatbots We have mentioned them in previous articles, but their relevance continues to grow over time.

As They Are An Essential Tool

In customer service. The chatbots, Egypt phone numbers  those chat “boxes” that normally appear on the lower right side of web pages. They are an easy and cheap way to communicate with clients and potential clients, without human intervention. They not only allow clarifying doubts or taking visitors to specific pages, but also capture customer data at any time. By responding in real time, we avoid losing the interest of those who visit us. An example of this is Yalo Chat , through the WhatsApp Business Bot that they manage. Brands manage to communicate with the user, recognize their need and offer them a personalized and instant solution. If we consider the long waits that we would have to be attended by a person, this facilitates all the processes.

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The weak side of this software is that, since it depends on artificial intelligence.  You have to spend time “training” it so that it is really useful to web users. But once we do this, human intervention is reduced. digital marketing trends 3. Marketing Automation .It is time to reduce the use of human resources in processes execution time and the number of errors. This is why, within the trends that we will have in 2020, there will be more.  And more automation tools through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. All this, so that you can spend more time designing strategies and new opportunities . And not so much in executing processes that can be automated with a couple of clicks.

There Are Many Platforms On

The market that can help you with these tasks.  But here we present the 6 best Marketing Automation Software . Digital Marketing Trends 4.Social.  Listening Although many people do not give it the greatest relevance. In this 2020 it is important that we begin to listen to the health of our brand and detect those niches where the users who interact with us are. As we mentioned in previous articles: Social Listening , also known as Social Listening, is in charge not only of analyzing the content we publish, but also of how to improve our strategy. This refers to the key to achieving the engagement that we so much need.

Through the analysis of comments, conversations, opinions, preferences and user data. The real goal that we must achieve with Social Listening Marketing is to measure the performance of a brand, product or organization. Knowing in real time everything that is happening with our brand and alerts at the time of crisis is essential. But analyzing the brand sentiment that your audience has is also important, and many times we don’t do it. In this 2020, Social Listening will also be your best ally to know who are the main ambassadors of your brand and in what niches they talk about it. Do you dare to know this and more?

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