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Google web stories would be like the well-known instagram stories. The content, in this case, is displayed full screen on the mobile device. And in the form of a carousel. That is, you can slide your finger horizontally in one direction or another depending. On whether you want to Logo Designs Service  go forward to see the next story or backwards to see. The previous one. In order to see google stories, you need to have. The google app installed and open the discover tab. Logo Designs Service Which is where this type of content is displayed. It is estimated that 500 billion users consume stories on instagram, which means that. It is a type of content that attracts a large number of audiences . In addition, it is a fast -consuming format , which makes. It even more interesting and attractive.

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A good content strategy in this format. You can reach a larger audience and generate a higher volume of web traffic . Of course, in web stories it is still Logo Designs Service important to pay attention to seo. Since in this way it will be possible to appear in both discover and the Logo Designs Service search engine. Although web  stories have a similar format to social stories. They are not the same and there are Logo Designs Service a number of differences. Instagram stories or other social networks are not adapted to people with visual difficulties. But web stories are. Social stories are for followers and have a private scope. While web stories are public. Web stories have a url .

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A domain, which makes them crawlable and indexable by google. Something that is not possible with social stories, which do not have a url. Additionally. Web stories can be embedded via an embed or an iframe. Something Logo Designs Service not possible with social media stories. The stories of instagram and other social networks expire in 24 hours. But those of google do not. Web stories can be edited once published.  Logo Designs Service Something that cannot be done with social stories. Social stories allow interaction with the user, but with web stories.

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