The Disappearance Of Cookies

First Mozilla Firefox, then Internet Explorer, and now finally Google Chrome. These three web browsers are in favor of user privacy. Firefox and explorer have already removed third-party cookies (third data party) from your browser, now it’s the turn of the “big boss” In mid-2020, Alphabet Inc, the parent company of the renowned Google search engine, committed to removing third-party cookies from its Chrome browser by 2022. What does this mean? We break down the analysis of this case by parts for your better understanding: User Benefits Privacy? Not really, because access to voluntarily blocking cookies has been around for a while now. Power of decision to see only the advertising that interests you?, neither. The user will continue to see advertising that the publishers decide to show them.

In the first place, a currency of exchange and second, the security that nobody will be able to store their preferences individually had . And mainly the purchase of programmatic media. The user receives generic content in exchange for their data, for example. When reading an article, the user has to previously accept the “cookie policy” of the page that provides the content . Which is not entirely fair. If the article provided value to the user, it was worth submitting their data. But if the article just had a “catchy” title and the user “bite the cookie”. Then it wasn’t worth it. Here the empowerment of the user makes sense, their personal data, now worth high value content.

Brands Retain Information

From a potential user or lead, must create a Russia phone number experience to provide the user with the confidence, security and interest of voluntarily submitting their data. 2.- Nobody will be able to store individual data through cookies Let us remember that thanks to cookies, there is a user ID , which is assigned to each user when they enter a website with that cookie and is responsible for identifying us each time we visit websites within the same environment. This new policy of removing cookies gives the user the security that this userID will no longer contain their browsing behavior. Everything points to the user being the big winner. It is and it isn’t. Brands will also win. How can brands benefit from this? For brands to build fairer and more lasting relationships.

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It is important that we think about the value that our users will receive in exchange for their data. Alberto Alvarez, CEO LDM The need to elevate content and create a user experience that truly adds value has always been present, however, very few brands have achieved it. The post-cookie era makes this necessity an obligation. The obligation to increase user engagement through advertising content. Increase technological integrations in marketing processes, and of course, increase brand perception. Many of the brands’ digital strategies are based on their large digital budget for “Real time bidding”, with this new measure it will be quality content that captures user data. Now the budgets for the Real Time Bidding will take a back seat and the main thing will be the content. A fairer scale.

Their Own Data Intelligence

In previous articles we have proposed the use of digital tools for data architecture as the main pillar in creating a user experience – you can see our article Data Driven Company: How to innovate with data? . The time to start collecting information and that each brand manages its own data is now. 2021 is the year of the 1st Party Data. The post-cookie and LDM era. We are ready!  we have focused on creating a model tailored to each of our clients so that they take ownership of their data. The digital strategies we use are focused on growing 1st party data and relying less and less on 3rd party data cookies.

In conclusion, if you want to know how we take innovation to the next level, contact us . We want to meet you! This goes further and is reflected as a cyclical process of constant accelerated growth.  That allows a company to develop its technological potential. Its strategic innovation and the productivity of human talent.  Similarly, today we approach you to become your central digital consulting partners.  A strategic plan adapted to the present of your brand and that is  challenges of the future. We are one step ahead in the evolution of the market to be able to guide you within this great digital ecosystem.

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