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Data design the client’s profile and with third-hand data, amplify communication through the programmatic purchase of advertising (Programmatic Ads), in other words, buy the best digital advertising space for your product in real time. Returning to the example of the Hotel in Cancun. Let’s imagine that the hotel decides to implement a DMP, it will take the data from the CRM (1st Party Data) and create customer profiles, so now the Hotel not only has profiles from its CRM, now they have similar profiles but in greater, much greater quantity and The next step is to purchase real-time digital advertising to project hotel content to these profiles, by purchasing Programmatic Ads.

For example: While the hypothetical potential client reads an article on a web page of their interest, a banner will appear on the side of the page announcing this Hotel in Cancun. Let us remember that our client has never seen or visited the Hotel, moreover, he may have never been to Cancun, but the 3rd Party Data defined him as a potential client for having similar tastes and online activity to someone who has already been to Cancun, so the tool proposes it as a target . CDP – Customer Data Platform This is the most important part of the process. It is the platform that integrates 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data in a single database, designed to map the customer experience.

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Talk about user profiles and audiences, the Algeria mobile number CDP assumes that you will use the data to create profiles.  An audience, but it focuses on creating an experience that integrates the user’s behavior in all the channels. In which it interacts, “omnichannel”. To learn more about this tool and how it is changing the way of acting in marketing strategies. Our article “Customer Data Platform: When and how to use it. However… Our favorite hotel will have to wait a bit, continue to feed its CRM with 1st Party Data . And continue segmenting audiences for its online advertising purchase with its DMP. This in order to expand its database and be able to have.

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A greater reach than allows you to make the most of your tools and start thinking about mapping out a user experience, in order to later implement a CDP, it should be clarified that at this point, our Hotel is already a Data Driven company, however it needs to feed its database more and create strategies that allow you to have a broader view of your user’s consumption trends. To Data Driven and beyond! In short, being a Data Driven company depends on a set of tools. However, there are factors that must also accompany this data-based structure, such as: Market Talent Technology Investment Defined processes At LDM , we accompany companies in their data integration, in the adoption of tools and in the elaboration to make decisions based.

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Alliances with the best and largest global developers of CRM ( Zoho CRM ), CDP ( mparticle ) . And DMP (, in order to understand the best scenarios to use each one and how to enhance its use. It’s not just about being able to have the tool, it’s about achieving success through it. We have established ourselves as the best digital marketing agency . In the region and our clients support our continued success. If you represent a company that is in the continuous process of being a Data Driven Company or you already . Are and want to know how to maximize your tools and methodologies, let’s talk!  tfull name and gender. However, I never saw that Bluckbuster made a promotion related to my data, on the contrary . They used it for negative situations, such as payment and return of movies or not to rent a movie again if you have a debt.

Minecraft latam digital marketing in gaming and university of the valley of mexico 250 hours of development.  That  in 9.5 million blocks accommodate within the video game .This project is cited on more than 200 occasions by different web portals and  of  students to consider. With this UVM fulfilled 2 major objectives with its audience. The commitment to its community to present the new mascot 2. It positioned itself with innovative thinking and as a leading university.   Mexico LDM Innovation Ventures Talks invites you to participate as a brand to discover from. The experts and with the most powerful and innovative tools on the market . How you can access more precisely and start a much more personalized marketing strategy towards your user .

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