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Optimize resources, increase results and ensure accelerated growth for your brand. These three goals became the mantra of every CMO of a global company. The Digital Boost Units (DBUs) are here to do it. And it is that after talking so much about digitization in internal and external processes. It is necessary to pause to analyze the following question . The decision of the entire distribution of your ABP is the fundamental pillar.  That will mark the success of your strategy and operation. In this economic and social context, the strategy you establish with your key partners will be an essential factor in achieving your goals. During 2020, up to 30% of organizations in Mexico and Brazil turned to an ally to support them in special projects,

Us for the accelerated growth of your brand The Digital Boos Units (for its acronym DBUs) are operating models that allow large brands to strategically allocate economic, technological and human resources in a more intelligent way and at the same time generate savings in operating and administrative costs. The pandemic came with a strong need to speed up digitization. The application of Business Intelligence in digital marketing is already one of the most important tools to address the current context. The creation of this operational strategy focuses on a hybrid business model that brings together all the knowledge and experience of a multidisciplinary team. The objective is to accelerate and exceed the expected results. Bringing brands closer to new difficult to implement and very expensive to acquire. A team that is in constant direct collaboration with the brand but with all that an advanced digital marketing partner has.

In A Traditional Marketing Model

a team learned and knew everything that Malaysia phone number was happening with the client.  But lost perspective of what was happening in the digital world: their progress. This makes it a more reactive than proactive team. The same goes for an agency. From outside the company, they may have the know-how of everything environment, but they miss the clear perspective of the depth of the customer. In a model driven by DBUs, being a hybrid, you have the best of both worlds. The results that support the model DBU’s As a specialized and interdisciplinary team that works in synergy (Account Manager, Digital experience design, Business Intelligence & Reporting, SEO technical, SEO content, Social Media Strategist, Technical Managers, etc.), the Digital Boost Units provide large brands with the acquisition of new technologies, new practices and solutions to execute digital marketing strategies.

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This allows reducing the customer’s learning curve and increasing productivity by up to 20%. Proven by our own success stories with customers. «The Digital Boost Units allow to create synergy between areas .  Where the expected result can be duplicated VS what could be generated in a normal operation» Ivonne de. la Guardia, Business Leader DBUs.  Another latent benefit that decision makers are interested in is that with this implemented model.  That can give rise to investing in new processes and digital marketing strategies for the future of their brands. But which also left a great impact internally by generating a culture  and high productivity. expertise and potential of each personal situation or even in a particular location.

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Our challenge is to continue reinforcing training with mentoring programs and the development of soft skills . That allow us to unify leadership styles aligned with our same objective and vision. The role of LDM is to each area in order to permeate this same thinking and detect opportunities . F or improvement in the performance and workflow of each day. In a year of pandemic strategy specialized in omnichannel acquisition. Focused on the creation of new and multiple formats strategically placed in a detailed audience segmentation. Managing to stabilize the cpa and contribute to the profitability of the business marketing. A different year but full of opportunities if we talk about the drastic changes . Therefore, that happened in 2020, we can talk about how difficult it was for many brands to turn around an uncertain scenario.

The launches that occurred by the competition. this platform designed and built 100% for hispanics was experiencing growth.   The potential unicorn and its svod strategy at ldm, as part of our methodology . We manage to connect the dots of each element of our client’s ecosystem. We analyze each resource that could represent an opportunity entire community active in an increasingly competitive market. Sports, novels, movies and children’s content . through an in-depth data driven analysis, these specific interests. That the client had not yet taken full advantage of were detected, and this categorization . Was proposed to begin with the optimal micro-segmentation of the audiences.

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