The Post-cookie Era Pt.

As we mentioned in our previous article “The disappearance of cookies” , the age of cookies will come to an end in 2022. Apple with Mozilla, Microsoft with Edge, and now Google with Chrome, will focus on user privacy and how As a result, they remove all cookies from their browsers. If we double click on digital advertising, we will find that approximately 8 out of 10 online ads are based on cookies and 7 out of 10 web pages use at least 1 cookie.  Similarly, doing digital advertising without thinking about cookies is like proposing to someone without ever having seen their face. It’s time to think outside the box! This revolution in digital marketing will bring questions; How to know which by users? What is going to be the pattern of online behavior that I have to follow as a brand?

The answer to all these questions is: 1st Party Data.  exponentially compared to how we might collect 1st party data. In exchange for collecting particular data from users, digital advertising focused on massively collecting data and looking for patterns in it.  You want to delve into what is 1srt, 2nd and 3rd Party data and how they are used, read our article “ Data Driven Company ” “First-hand data (1st party data) is what will revalue the importance of providing something of value to the user in exchange for their data” Alberto Alvarez, LDM CEO What data alternatives exist for the  era? Aggregated data: Stop focusing on one-to-one data and focus on cohorts for similar behavior. This solution, in short .

Preferences To Be Identified

While respecting their individual privacy. Something Poland phone number particular about this solution is that only large companies will be able to perfect it.This segmentation analyzes the content of the web page, regardless of the user who is visiting the offer. This provides indicators of preference for content. However, the challenges are in the editorial line, because many advertisers do it for keywords and they do not always coincide with the objective of the content. Ex; The user may be reading an article about car pollution in the most populous cities, and an ad appears for a car for sale. It wouldn’t be right for the time or the user, but the advertiser got user with consent: This model is based on saving a user’s profile with a pseudonym on the server side.

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For instance, consent is managed from the beginning with a level of transparency inspired by the European regulation on data protection, in such a way that the user can authorize its storage by site and by their preferences in the most transparent way possible. These data alternatives will be executed by digital content. What will change is the quality of said content so that these options can give positive results. Through engagement strategies, lead gen and brand positioning, the user will be sought to connect. Now brands will be buying their data from users through high-value content. BOM We take brands to the next level! At Latam Digital Marketing we have managed to anticipate a post-cookie era and implement these alternatives through innovation strategies; Solutions based on IDs, implementations .

High-level Technological Stack,

However, generation of 1st party data in its own environment. Comprehensive technology platforms for data management and high-value content as a generator of its own data. Is your brand ready for the cookie-free era? The relationship between a Forward Thinker partner and the new role of a CMO is very close. The former becomes his right hand man. It represents a strategic ally in digital consulting that helps understand. The most relevant trends to exceed the expectations of business objectives. Together they collaborate with the entire company ecosystem to develop strategies .  We are your Forward Thinker ally, we bring you closer to the future of Marketing. Understanding the recent needs of the CMO . We shake that hand to connect every point of the ecosystem of our clients.

Above all, unite the advances of the future with the present of your business through our digital consulting. We are developers of digital strategies that allow us each area and their respective processes digital consulting. Our essence is based on four important pillars that build a thought and methodology.  That elevates the present of our clients towards a more innovative future . Future-proof organizations partners for success Leading edge technology Data driven decision making . We integrate the most advanced technology in the industry to increase the results of each of your campaigns. Progress in real time for intelligent and informed decision making. Digital consulting and its large-scale result digital consulting .Therefore, the benefit obtained with an ally of this nature. Does not only translate into numbers and KPIs at the end of a campaign.

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