The Svod Strategy That

In a year of pandemic, blim tv was able to turn it around with a SVOD strategy specialized in omnichannel acquisition. Focused on the creation of new and multiple formats strategically placed in a detailed audience.  Segmentation, managing to stabilize the CPA and contribute to the profitability of the business. A different year but full of opportunities we talk about the drastic changes that happened in 2020.  We can talk about how difficult it was for many brands to turn around an uncertain scenario. This was not the case for blim tv, the growth of VOD platforms had a significant acceleration.  And proof of this were the launches that occurred by the competition. This platform designed and built 100% for.  Hispanics was experiencing growth, but not as expected.

The potential unicorn and its SVOD strategy At LDM, as part of our methodology. Manage to connect the dots of each element of our client’s ecosystem. We analyze each resource that could represent an opportunity to acquire new registrations and keep . The entire community active in an increasingly competitive market. Sports, novels, movies and children’s content . Through an in-depth Data Driven analysis, these specific interests .  The client had not yet taken full advantage of were detected, and this categorization.  Was proposed to begin with the optimal micro-segmentation of the audiences.  Achieve the established goal of the number of registrations, maintaining an average CPA throughout . The campaign. As part of the SVOD strategy, the visual materials were adapted in different formats .

The Performance Marketing Strategy

This has been the key to establishing Spain phone number an evolutionary, adaptable and successful system in the new world scenario. Delving into the behavior and needs of the current consumer under the Data-Driven & Martech approach has allowed us to go beyond the established objectives and forge a strong strategic alliance between blim tv and LDM» -Douglas Castillo, Account Manager LDM. The result of an ideal partnership More than a service provider, we have become central partners of the brand; advising and collaborating with the development of new plans, proposals and actions driven by data driven for different departments understanding the needs of each one. We understood the situation, analyzed the resources and opportunities, defined the KPIS and developed the digital strategy, implementing it through the best technology to exceed the client’s objectives and expectations.

Spain phone number

Estimated ROAS (1.39) New registered users: +18% of the initial goal. SVODMarketing. CPA: 60% reduction of the initial cost. “The close relationship and strategic synergy that we have with the blim tv team is key to achieving the objectives set. Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of the challenges we face every day and help us grow together.” Every CMO must have a digital consulting partner to help evolve their marketing strategies, obtaining scalable results. digital consulting The evolution of a business is normally perceived as a digital transformation, but this process goes beyond technological adaptation. Although it is a very important factor, it may not have the same effect as expected if something does not happen from the beginning: mature our thinking to create a model of strategic change, measurable and with scalable results that manage to adapt to an ecosystem that is too dynamic.

Going Through This Process

Maturity of vision happened to us in the same way that we hope to achieve it with our clients. We have evolved to align with the same constant evolution that is happening in marketing globally  . Ground this level of thinking through a corporate philosophy that is here to stay and guide us on this new journey. Therefore, are LDM, partner in digital consulting. #ForwardThinkingMarketing.  A digital consulting partner collaborates with you to provide anticipated solutions to the current market.   The essence of Forward Thinking To convey this clearly. I’d like to start with an analysis of a , the one we want you to become.

A great skill that they apply when setting their business objectives and developing strategies to achieve them . That they understand that today’s reality is very different from what they experienced yesterday . And from what their company will be experiencing tomorrow.  Into the projection that you pose in your present. That is the key to effectiveness, when they manage to connect.  The present that they live now with the ecosystem that they will be facing very soon.   . But with the inclusion of a changing and advanced environment from different angles such as  habits, communication channels and new players.

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