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We all remember the horror stories when we needed to contact the customer service department of any company. Because making some type of query, requesting a service or filing a claim took us a lot of time and steps. Yalo Chat was born as a solution , powered by business bots and artificial intelligence. Long procedures, hours of waiting on the phone and “press the next option” were some of the challenges we faced. But with the innovation of WhatsApp Business Bot by Yalo Chat, we can offer personalized and more efficient attention to customers. Bots are the effective solution to make customer service easier and automate processes. In addition, they facilitate the work of sales agents.

What is a bot? A bot is a combination of processes and algorithms designed to mimic human behavior and perform tasks automatically. How does a bot work? It works within other applications and its ability to provide information or support to the user depends on its degree of complexity and development. Why do I need a bot? Resource efficiency and better customer experience. Since all the answers you need are provided 24/7 or your data is collected and then contacted, without the need for constant human investment. What is WhatsApp Business? It is a free downloadable app available for Android and iPhone, which has been developed especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Messaging with Yalo Chat Chat  Georgia phone numbers offers its clients the possibility of interacting with their consumers through messaging applications to achieve a commercial conversation. For example, through the WhatsApp Business Bot, brands manage to communicate with the user, recognize their need and offer them a personalized and instant solution. If we consider the long waits that we would have to be attended by a person, this facilitates all the processes. WhatsApp Business Bot Yalo Chat is responsible for helping the largest companies improve customer relationships. That is why through Facebook and WhatsApp Business.

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Bot they improve the performance of your business, offering a better service. Every time I want to remind myself why we’re doing this at Yalo, I pick up the phone and call a call center, and it reminds me that we still have a lot of work to do. Javier Mata – CEO Yalochat These are the Top 3 reasons to use Yalo Chat Increase sales with personalized messages: Build personalized customer relationships at scale. You will increase both engagement and effectiveness. Best Remarketing Strategy: Your rate of opening messages for personalized messaging campaigns reaches 80%. Reduce costs with automation: Minimize costs while improving conversion, increasing ROI.

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Why is it necessary to have a customer service bot? Even though WhatsApp Business Bot is a technology . That has been around for a couple of years now, not all companies know the benefits it can offer their company. We point them out here: It allows you to socialize on the platforms where your users are. So WhatsApp and Facebook are the perfect options, since nowadays everyone knows and mostly moves on these platforms. Customers are increasingly demanding and want to be as quickly as possible at any time of the day. With a chat bot , you will be able to receive instant attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Attend to your clients at any time you want and without waiting.

Thousands of customers simultaneously, which with human resources would take.  A  lot of time and you would also need a large staff to achieve it. It allows you to reduce costs, since a 24/7 service requires rotating shifts and a lot of training. Your team will be able to invest their time in other processes, since you can reduce more  investment in time. Customers want to feel unique, differentiated and special. With a bot you can create a personalized experience for your customer. This is capable of analyzing historical customer data, tracing their consumer profile and thus offering exclusive attention.

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