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Create a competitive advantage in business. Sustainable brands are driven by innovation to success. Credibility (Credibility) A strong brand must always keep a commitment to its customers. And every time something is communicated, it must be true. Connect with what the brand has promised its customers. inspire (Inspirational) A strong brand has to show and inspire. Through the presentation of the story of what is the strength of the brand. Let the target audience always know Uniqueness: A strong brand must be different and special. that must be different from competitors in the market Appealing A strong brand must be able to attract its target audience.

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Customers are attracted to Nepal Phone Number brands and interact with brands that can deliver on their promises. including the value offered Brand Benefits or brand benefits means the value or benefits that customers receive from our brand. Through the experience of using products or services that is not the properties or characteristics of the brand mentioned above The benefits of the brand will serve to communicate our brand well known. There are two sides together. Functional aspects such as shampoo can eliminate dandruff. Toothpaste that prevents tooth decay fresh breath Emotional , such as having a good life, being happy, for example.

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The target customers have BU Leads problems with headaches all the time Brand or Product A is a cure for headaches. Functional Benefits are Brand A to help you recover from the problems you are having so that you can function normally. As a result, customers have a positive outlook on life and are encouraged to live each day. And in this section are Emotional Benefits. Branding is one of the business processes that must be consistent throughout the organization. It gives us direction. leadership clear aim as well as inspiration and motivation.

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