Tips for Maximizing Your Acquisition Funnel

Just because you have a customer acquisition strategy in place and leads are entering your funnel, it doesn’t mean your work is done. You must continually optimize your funnel efforts to continue improving them.  It doesn’t matter how big or successful your business is.

Eventually, you will have blockage points in the sales funnel you created.  It’s at this point where your conversion rates may drop – often significantly. In fact, you may also deal with a scaling problem (for example, you can’t increase the number of people moving out of that part of the funnel to the next because your sales or marketing techniques have been maxed out).

If you find a way to solve the blockage point, another one will likely pop up somewhere else in the funnel. Unfortunately, blockage points occur all the time. It’s up to you to identify them and fix what has caused them.

How to Identify a Sales Funnel Blockage Point

One of the simplest ways to identify a blockage point is by asking this question:

What has stopped you from being able to create your sales by five times?

Some of the most common answers include:

  • You don’t have enough Business Development Directors Email Lists leads entering the top of your funnel.
  • You have a lot of website visitors, but not enough converting to a registered user.
  • Signing up customers is going well, but there’s not enough growth in the account after one sale.
  • You can’t get meetings with the essential decision-makers.
  • You have people signing up for your freemium product, but not enough becoming a paid user.

No matter the cause of the blockage, it’s up to you to figure out how to fix it.

Common Blockage Point Causes

Now it’s time to learn about the most common blockage points that may occur.

The Market or Product Fit

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If you have a startup company and have just entered the market, one of the main issues with acquisition funnels is that you haven’t found the right market or product fit. You have to figure out if this is the problem. The wrong diagnosis can lead your management team to waste money and time on marketing and sales that aren’t a good fit and don’t produce the desired results.

The right way to handle this is by focusing all your attention and energy on solving the market or product fit. While doing this, limit how much you spend on marketing and sales to the minimum amount required to ensure good customer interactions and see where your customer has the highest levels of urgency and pain you can offer a solution to.

At this point, it’s important to conserve your cash and continue paying for product development to create a product that fits the current market need.

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